I can see from the intimate relationship inside and outside that Liu can train people.

"Get up is aunt liu what can I do for you? Or … don’t let my brother eat this meal? " Sue cotton deliberately way
That YuShi embarrassed busy way "no, no, we are too … The Lord said that Mr. Ringo is noisy, please excuse me?"
The name of her emergency brake master is a panacea, no matter who can
"Oh, in that case, just wait on you." Su Mian laughed.
Yu’s busy answer is on the one hand, and she is afraid in her heart. It is said that this young lady will get it as soon as she comes back. Mrs. Su likes it very much, which is very decent.
I don’t know how the future is very good after being seen by Nine Emperors.
Even Liu is eager to be close to Jane’s mother and daughter and dare not come.
After a while, I had a table of meals.
Finally, the last bowl of steamed golden egg custard was put in front of Su Mian.
Surin turned black at the sight of his face.
"Third Sister …" He complained.
Haven’t said a word, just like a puppy, and smelled it. "Hey? How is it different from eating before? "
Su Mian smiled and dug a spoon and said, "Taste it?"
Su Lin was worried and curious, and the last thought was that it was terrible at best!
Open your mouth and answer it.
Look straight at Yu’s surprise.
"Woo-hoo is delicious. Is this an egg?" Surin surprised way
It’s not that this egg custard is delicious, but it’s delicious compared with him, not a little bit.
"Acacia, you take Yushi to our small kitchen and tell her how to do this."
The truth is that the eggs are broken, a little lard is added, some yellow wine is added, some salt and warm water are mixed and steamed.
There is a smell of oil that is not greasy.
Surin is still better to feed, and he can eat anything without eating Liu’s egg custard.
After dinner, he drank tea, but he still didn’t want to leave.
Yushi wanted to take him away but dared not.
Su Mian laughed. "You won’t be forced to eat egg custard when you are full. Why don’t you return?"
Jane glared at Su Mian and laughed. "That’s what your sister says. Don’t care."
"I’m too full to walk for a while and then I’ll go back." Surin laughed.
"Handmaiden carrying you?" Yushi timely inserted 1.
"I’m six years old also called mammy carrying more like it? Just take a break and go back "Surin shook his head.
Sue cotton heart way this child is quite some self-knowledge.
When Surin’s digestion was almost over, he finally got up and walked slowly with Yushi.
Jane was very worried and asked Mammy Lin to send it with lanterns.
"Mother, do you have a son and don’t want a daughter?" Sue cotton took Jane’s arm way
Jane’s a panic busy explained, "no, no, how could your mother not love you the most? You are a mother’s daughter, but Ringo is your father’s only son …"


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