"Monty body!" This is not only the ghost’s face is not good, but others are also amazed and inexplicable. "No wonder your master values this woman so much, and her talent is so outstanding and she has a monty body. It’s really God bless me."

But after these people say that finish, their faces are ugly again. It’s simply twice the result with half the effort to have a monty body and practice monty palace. Isn’t it said that Ding Wanyan is going to lose? And they bet a lot on Ding Wanyan. Only Yan Mo smiled from ear to ear. Ding Wanyan lost, but she made a fortune.
Ghost surly cold hum rivers like water "monty body is great? Do you know that my family politely refused to practice the nether dharma with my seat? "
The rest of us are surprised and puzzled. Even those elders then are no exception.
Ghost this just slightly proud way "the reason is very simple, because my family politely is a natural Yin evil spirit body" whether Yin evil spirit body or monty body is a root method awareness before there is no cultivation, and only when it is cultivated to a certain extent will it slowly show signs.
"What?" A gang’s face changed at bluffing, horrified, envious or jealous, especially the face of the bodhi old zu is green with anger. "All ghosts, why do you accept a sinister brother when you play with the bodhi old zu?" The seat is the master of practicing Yin evil spirit. Why didn’t you say so earlier? "
"Said earlier? Hey, hey, "Wan Gui proudly said," I told you to come and rob your brother? "
"Ghost, you are so mean."
"Ghost, it’s no wonder that you are so confident in your own brother and bet heavily on her to win."
"It’s hard to say. Monty is very good at playing Monty Dafa."
"Isn’t it not strong to play dirty tricks with dirty tricks?"
And Dongfang Fu’s body flashes repeatedly, and every movement is full of domineering and pitfalls, which is like pinching the method and dancing, forming a series of airflow that can’t stop flowing.
Chapter ninety-two ancestors
As she kept dancing, the haunting airflow turned black * * like strips of black snakes staggered blaster and stabbed Ding Wanyan.
"Monty dancing?"
"Hum is just the embryonic form of monty’s flurry."
"Even if it is a prototype, it is also a monty flurry."
The martial sister felt nervous when she was shocked in the challenge. I heard several monks in the vicinity discussing the strange and powerful spell of Dongfang Fu. I don’t know if the martial sister can handle it.
Ding politely refused to change his face, but his body suddenly turned into a light fog. The whole person dispersed and disappeared into the light green and semi-transparent and constantly rolling ShaQi, and the Yin ShaQi also crossed the wide range, and it was already seven feet in Fiona Fang.
At the same time, dozens of magic gas like snakes whizzed in before and after, and like a golden snake dancing, the wisps of magic gas were madly strangled with the evil fog, and the strength was so strong that the evil fog was churning and surging.
Ghost face a change just want to say something when it is heard that other bodhi old zu glared at him scold a way: "Ghost, don’t spoil it, so that everyone loses money."
The thunder was tempted and fell into the throat. Although it was fierce, it didn’t mean that the body became so dense that the magic gas would run through at random. Sooner or later, it would be hit. Just thinking about desperate to stop, the vision was steep.
"bang ~"
In the fog, a thunder exploded to detain a few wandering magic gases, and then a series of thunder continued. With each explosion, one or more magic gases would disappear.
The bottom spectator sees the score, but the clouds of fog suddenly condense into small semi-transparent beads, which pop up and die when they meet the magic gas.
"Condense into thunder!"
Knowledgeable people gasped in succession. It never occurred to Ding Wanyan that she had practiced Yin Sha Dafa to this extent.
Willy’s evil spirit thunder is condensed by Li Yin evil spirit and refined into one-time consumption power, which is amazing, while one trick in Yin evil spirit solution is to coagulate evil spirit thunder directly and explode directly, although her explosive power of coagulation evil spirit thunder is far inferior to that of willy’s evil spirit thunder, and Dante’s graceful repair degree can do this step, which is quite remarkable.
Oriental fragrant eyes a clot didn’t expect Ding Wanyan so difficult Yin evil spirit solution has been cultivated to the point of coagulation evil spirit into thunder immediately hands a device around the magic gas is transformed into dozens of black snakes.
Ding Wanyan is also revealing her charming body again at the moment, looming in the rolling fog and surrounded by dozens of dark and uncertain shadows around her.
Perhaps the two sides repeatedly cast big moves and were arrogant and refused to take the lead in returning to Yuan Dan to supplement the true qi. At this time, they were already panting and turned white.
Almost at the same time, the two women are charming, one is monty dancing, the other is coagulation and thunder, all of which are lethal spells for monks in the gas refining period.
Black gas and thunder collide in the middle, stirring up ripples and ripples. They seem to refuse to give way at all. Generally, one is to transport the magic gas, and the other is to set up the evil gas and fight fiercely and evenly, even if the true gas is about to run out of oil and lights.
"Well, it’s a tie."
At the top of the stands, there is a foot with a size of several feet, which is astounding. There is no fancy. The forbidden objects in the challenge ring fall into the fierce confrontation between the two women. Whether it is the magic gas black snake or the powerful evil thunder, it hits the huge ghost claw of Jude, but it does not leave any traces on the surface after the explosion collision.
Rao is Dongfang Fuding Wanyan, and such a tianjiao girl also showed her eyes with horror and quickly turned to Yingying to worship "see the ancestors"
Seeing this scene in the stands, the elders of the bodhi old zu then in each hole all got up and turned back to bow down and said, "See the ancestors". Didn’t the ancestors wander away after the ceremony? Maybe he didn’t leave? One by one in the heart uneasy.
Willy slightly raised his head to the distant stands with a glance, but he could also see a mass of black fog. I didn’t see anyone, but I just satisfied my curiosity and then quickly withdrew my eyes. Who knows the mind of the ancestors in Yuan infancy? If you look at him more, will a ghost claw come over and shoot yourself to death?
Willy thinks he’s in the ghost claw, which is a little experience, but it’s an ant than an elephant compared with our ancestors.
"Very well, I’m very satisfied with Elder Da Bi this time." The ancestor’s voice fluttered and came. "Dongfang Fuding politely said that you two are equally tied for practicing magic. This time, Elder Zong Dongliang is the first one. He will delay the closing date and make an exception to show you January."
"Thank you, ancestors". Dongfang Fu and Ding Wanyan should respond in unison.
Willy is in the face of envy. That’s a month when the ancestors of Yuan Babies gave directions. It’s a pity that I don’t have such an opportunity …
The ancestor disappeared soon after he finished speaking.


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