"Good emperor is the best, but for princess, I think grounding is the best punishment for her."

"The little rascal is want to make bad again? Do you have any plans to tell me first? "
"It’s not fun to say it. Let’s wipe our eyes."
"Really don’t say? In this case, don’t blame me for being tortured. "
Jun Chen picked up Lin Yu and walked to the jade bed.
"Is the emperor willing?"
"Is the princess ready to confess?"
"I would rather die than surrender"
The red waves were turned over by spring night for a moment and I don’t know if the emperor finally got the answer.
The autumn wind rustles outside the window, and the shadows of the buttonwood trees meet each other. From time to time, there are still leaves blowing in the wind, but the Jingyang Palace is silent and terrible. Because the princess is punished and confined, it is normal to serve the imperial secretary, and there are not many princess palaces. After a big fight, she finally exhausted and fell asleep.
"Give me back my life. Give me back my life."
On and off, the princess struggled to wake up, but she saw a spectre reaching out to her to strangle her.
"No, don’t come here. Somebody, somebody."
Princess screamed and shrank into the corner of the bed, but her hands gripped her neck tightly.
"No, no, no, not me, not me. Don’t come to me. Let me go."
Princess struggled and screamed, but eventually she lost her strength and gradually calmed down.
"Empress, wake up."
"Don’t, don’t, there’s a ghost."
The hysterical princess was forbidden to be near, and when someone approached, she kept tearing and biting a maid-in-waiting
"What should I do? The princess seems to be crazy."
Maid-in-waiting thrush and magpie did rough cleaning before they were separated. How could they have the opportunity to show their faces in front of the nobles? Suddenly, they became big maids, but before they were happy, they met such a unlucky princess. You said that the former palace belonged to her domineering. Although you were grounded this time, you can’t hold it. Maybe you will go out to harm people in a couple of days. The two maids were still doing it the night before, and then they developed a dream. Today, I found out that things are big.
Last night, the princess said that she was angry when she saw their faces, and she threw both of them out abruptly, and she didn’t let anyone serve them closely. How dare you refute the noble saying that they listened to one sentence on the first day?
Today, the door was left and right, but the princess just didn’t say anything. Only when they didn’t hedge, they found the lying princess.
I finally called someone to carry the princess to the bed. Who knows that the princess suddenly opened her eyes and bit a maid-in-waiting arm and tore a piece of meat? To think of that picture, two people couldn’t help shivering. It was terrible. At that time, the blood in the corner of her mouth couldn’t stop flowing, and her hair was running.
It took half an hour for the princess to calm down gradually, but people came back and recited that sentence as if she could not hear it.
"What else can I do, princess? But if anything goes wrong with the queen’s sister, we’ll have to hurry up and let people tell the queen."
"Okay, okay, I’m going."
The news was sent out, but the queen didn’t come in person to let the attendants tell them to wait on the princess well. If she had any requirements, she had to meet her. If she didn’t, she asked someone to go to Kunning Palace to get it. Finally, she didn’t even give an estimate to cure too much. The queen was this princess who was pretending to be crazy and asking for attention.
I have to say that the masses are very discerning. This queen really thinks so.
"Empress or male and female servants, etc. should go and have a look at the princess and sister, who are so lively together. It is also necessary to bear the sudden cold and cheerlessness."
It was Wan Fei who was crazy when the maid-in-waiting came just now, and she heard it.
"No, she is used to fooling around. Which time didn’t let us clean up the rotten stalls for her? I was caught by others this time. How much pressure did I put things under pressure? But look at her. It’s not a day yet. It’s a complaint that I deliberately demon. This time, I have to sharpen her sexuality. Chapter 41 Heal the princess.
"Empress, calm down, princess, sister, you will be painstaking."


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