In the combination of legs and hands, the left leg, the right hand, the right leg and the left hand cross each other. There is a beautiful name called Ghost Drill Boxing. It is said that if you practice ghost drill, you will know how powerful this combination is when you hit half.

There is also a name for the combination of the left leg, the left leg, the right leg and the right hand on the same side of the limb. Cage is the key to defense, and the cage will become a collapse.
Of course, many times, not only the combination of two limbs, but also the combination of two hands, one leg and three legs is called double-hitting foot, which is not respected because of the poor movement of one leg on the ground.
It is more flexible and more flexible to combine both hands with each other, because people with arms are very clever.
Many times, the boxing you practice is to practice a method of going out and entering together, and by the way, a method of going in with each other, that is, each method has its own! Tai Ji Chuan has the strength of winding silk, the strength of shaking Italian boxing, the strength of extreme boxing, the strength of leaning against the mountain and chanting hūn boxing, the strength of tongbei boxing, the strength of living arms and the strength of nailing arms.
Playing style is playing style, achievement method is achievement method. The saddest thing about modern martial artists is that they always regard achievement method as playing style.
I always keep practicing kungfu, thinking about how I can achieve great success, and the result is often decades of hard work, sweating and practicing hard. As soon as I go out, I am knocked down by a hooligan, and finally I have to sigh and unify martial arts!
Xie Cunguan stepped out of his right leg and foot at this time, but his right hand made a huff and puff almost at the same time, which immediately penetrated the gunman’s throat. It was a bit awkward for ordinary people to do this, but he did it without water.
This is the difference between practicing and not practicing.
Moreover, modern people practice boxing mostly with an eye on the boxing method and tactics, but they are not too concerned about some basic kung fu.
Just like Xie Cunguan’s stabbing just now, this quasi-cruelty is very important. If you can’t stab two times in the same place manually, it is very dangerous if you can’t kill your throat with one knife in this fleeting rapid response, because your opponent is likely to abandon his gun and surround you with both hands when you cheat.
The danger of being suddenly hugged by a person in a group war is imaginable.
Some people may say, then why do you want to stab his throat? It’s thin and short, so you can stab him in the chest!
It is very dangerous to stab the chest in a group battle, because there are many bones in the chest. Many times, the knife is stabbed into the opponent’s body, causing strong muscle contraction due to severe pain (this is the protection of the human body to prevent the opponent’s weapon from going deep in case of sudden attack). There are many cases where the knife is clamped.
And at this time, if you lose it, it may be your life.
The only thing to practice is to stab the throat. First, because the other party is badly hurt after being stabbed here; Second, because this place is very weak, it can be easily penetrated, and it will be very easy to stab and pull out the knife.
It’s the details that determine success or failure. Thank you, Cunguan, for stabbing those silicone steel mannequins year after year in training camp.
Xie Cunguan fell down with a knife and a pile of guns, and the gun fell to the ground when he stepped out.
As soon as the man fell down with a long knife, he immediately rushed to thank the inch officer. At this time, his left hand held a gun, his right foot landed, and his left foot raised a foot and kicked it on the gun rod. The gun rod that landed snapped when it was kicked and bounced like a poisonous snake, and it bounced to the man’s knee. The man couldn’t help but yi his body.
At this meal, Xie Cunguan’s left leg landed and progressed, and his arm conveniently moved around the gun body. After that gun, the handle was also right. Xie Cunguan made a sudden progress in the man’s lower abdomen, and directly stabbed the gun handle into the Han abdomen and grabbed it with him, turning people to the ground.
At this time, another man in front of the left rushed over with a ju.
Xie Cunguan’s left hand slightly pushed a gun, and his right leg kicked out again, and the gun drew a flat arc and swept across the other side’s waist.
The man, with ju in his hand, wanted to rush to Xie Cunguan to chop and kill him, but he didn’t expect a dead stick to come to Xie Cunguan’s hand, just as if he were alive, and he couldn’t prevent punching like a broken bamboo. At that time, he was swept around his waist by the handle of a gun and beat him up.
Xie Cunguan kicked his left leg again, and a small pendulum was placed on the pistol head, and at the same time he let go. The pike completed its mission and flew out directly. Several people rushed to the left and blocked it.
At this time, Xie Cunguan rushed to the right like an ape. Tian Late Autumn was still screaming in the crowd, "Kill him quickly!"
A man with a knife greeted Xie Cunguan’s left neck and shoulder with a knife.
Xie Cunguan’s hand wielded the army thorn and patted it on the side. When the knife stabbed the other knife, it was at a 30-degree oblique angle, so the knife slipped along the army thorn and the blade just got stuck in the army thorn cross-arm.
As soon as the hand is hard to thank the officer, he will know that he has caught the opponent’s knife. As soon as he sends the stab of the army forward, he will hit the opponent’s knife guard along the opponent’s knife. At this time, he will make further progress to the left side, and his right elbow will be tilted one elbow across the opponent’s knife. This is the distance measured by the army stab, and it is not judged by his eyes.
One elbow will cross the opponent’s knife and thank the official. Another elbow will be in the opponent’s rib.
Strength starts from the marrow and trembles all over! The man gushed out with one mouthful blood, and his ribs were broken and two of them fell out obliquely.
At this time, Xie Cunguan’s left leg stepped over and his right leg crossed like a crab again. Two steps later, he reached Tian Qiuqiu’s right hand and stabbed Tian Qiuqiu’s knife method. Tian Shengji personally set up to see Xie Cunguan’s stab, but he didn’t split and retreat. He pointed obliquely at the ground and went to a nitpicking field to meet him.
Tian Qiuqiu’s long Dao Xie Cunguan stabs short Tian has enough confidence to stab the long Dao into Xie Cunguan’s body before the army stabs him. When Xie Cunguan’s wrist flips, the army stabs out an arc obliquely and hits the long Dao head skillfully, and then Xie Cunguan’s right hand twists the army stabs clockwise and sticks to the other side’s long Dao to block the Tian Qiuqiu cutter head.
As soon as Xie Cunguan’s arm reached the place, the long Dao in late autumn was pushed to the side.
He is not slow to respond quickly in late autumn. He feels that the hand bit has been dialed to a Ce Tian in late autumn. He immediately draws a knife and crosses the long knife across his body and steps to the left.
In this way, he has a hand-pressed knife to slide forward and pull it with the two of them in the wrong position. Once his hand blade slides over the stab of Xie Cunguan’s army, his knife will also cross Xie Cunguan’s body
This kind of staggered knife is a lever on the outer bracket of your left elbow to help two people stagger their body and cut the hand blade into each other’s abdomen and waist
Although it is not as fast and powerful as a cleaver, it is more lethal.
He plays abacus well, but Xie Cunguan’s hand stab has long been as flexible as his own arm. As soon as the other side withdraws his knife, his hand stab immediately pulls flowers counterclockwise in front of him, flips it with a clatter, and when he strikes back, he slips into the other side’s blade.


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