Close to the children’s home, he really is a monster.

But no brother is a kind and normal person. If only he were like his brother, behave like a normal person and do what he should do.
-"What should Mother Rabbit do if she gets lost in the dark and there is no moon?"
-"If there is no moon, remember to look at the stars. Polaris is the northernmost at night."
It was his Polaris that was to blame for that feast.
It’s the only way in the dark.
Until the snow feast abandoned him.
His Polaris went out.
He suddenly realized that no one in this world will always be kind and just, nor will he always be brave and brazen.
People make mistakes.
If no one knew about the mistake.
That mistake is as searchable as a corpse submerged by snowflakes.
The night stars and the moon are covered with cold snowflakes. At that moment, the stars will never die, and the demons will be born.
"A pity"
Banquet blame said, "I know you have been smart since childhood."
"You can always get extra love from the elders of the banquet house and me when you are sick and sick."
"I will bear for you whatever trouble you have caused."
The banquet blame said, "You know I feel guilty about you."
"Of course, it’s not reasonable for you to be reckless. I’ve already dealt with things over there."
"Mom asked me to take care of you." Banquet blamed me for picking up the amulet and looking at it. "Of course I will take good care of you and prevent you from getting into trouble again."
When the banquet was gone, I heard the banquet flow laughing behind him. The smile was small, but gradually it got bigger. Finally, it seemed like laughing out of breath.
Banquet blame heard his cold voice after laughing.
"The little god looks gentle, but in fact his heart is as hard as iron."
Yan smiled and said, "Brother, your life should be like this."
Looking back at the banquet, the banquet is like a knife. "O pity, you know I never believe in fate."
Su Jiao snapped off the phone.
He hung up and went to the door.
Banquet blame oil and salt don’t come in, it seems that there is no place and there seems to be a danger of being found … Now that the divine power value has been restored, he doesn’t need to fool around with him here and go to Sue’s house if he is looking for another job, that’s just right.
Butler hurriedly with "little master you this is …"
"I’m going home," Su Jiao said. "It’s not interesting here."
Butler nasty "you this you this can’t go back to dinner will always be angry …"
"How could he be angry? He won’t be angry, "Su Jiao said." He wants me to leave. "
Su Jiao "get out of the way"
Nobody dares to stop him.
Su Jiao, of course, did it on purpose. He was wondering if Su Jia was looking for him to retaliate. He just got Zheng Feng dna to do something.
Su Jiao got out of the villa smoothly and picked up the latest mobile phone and began to take a taxi. He was going to Sue’s house … Just as he thought this, he suddenly lost consciousness when his neck ached.
You have something to say.
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 38 Chapter 38
There must be a great Oracle hidden here.
Sue Sasakawa snow suddenly opened his eyes.
His face is bloody and his fingers are still shaking.
He had a ridiculous dream.
In the dream, he was bullying the ugly giant, and his illegitimate life was full of dirty blood from mistress Su Jiaoguo, and a lightning strike came to scorch the tree.
He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but when he was forced to amputate and transfuse blood, he was found to have type B blood. Then everything developed like a nightmare. His eldest brother found out that he was not Su Jia’s real young master Su Jiao, but he was born out of wedlock by his stepmother …
The card was severely left in Zheng Feng’s face by his father Guo-dong Su.
Su Jiao was arranged for the whole operation overnight to restore his appearance, while Su Yu Xue became a waste snack with lost legs and was expelled from the house. It was not very much a street rat. Everyone shouted and beat him and spent a miserable half life …
No … it’s not true.
He remembered something. He looked at his legs in a hurry and found that they were still alive. They were bruised.
Su Sasakawa snow was relieved.
But the fear of being in a car accident is far less terrible than the fear that nightmares bring him.
He consoled himself that dreams are just dreams. How is that possible …
Just as he was thin like this-
"How is type B blood?"
A cold man sounds like frost and snow falling on the top of a mountain.
Su Xiang snow seemed to be frightened by something. He suddenly raised his head and twitched his facial muscles slightly. "Big … Big Brother."
The man is wearing a long trench coat, with one hand in his pocket and the other hand holding Su Sasakawa’s snow test report. His eyebrows puckered slightly.
A man’s skin is fair and handsome, and his broken hair falls on his forehead, reflecting amber eyes and dark eyes, and his body is cold and arrogant.
It took Su Juanxue a long time to come to her senses, but her heart was buzzing and her ears were buzzing, but she could still shout and ask, "What … what type B blood brother?"
Su Chimian "I remember that you are rh negative blood, but here is B blood."
That moment
Like a scene in a dream, Su Sasakawa turned pale. He heard himself humming like a mosquito. "Ah … really? I’ve never noticed such a thing … haha."
"Gentleman has always been type B blood." Zheng Feng suddenly came over with a bill at this time.
She wears a fitted cheongsam and carries a big-name bag, and her whole temperament is very expensive.
She also came over with a single sheet and naturally said, "There was a mistake in the test results before, and the gentleman has always had type B blood."
Su Chimian gave Zheng Feng a cold look. He had no opinion of Zheng Feng, a girl who was married by her father and went home to sell fish.
He put the sheet on the table like this.
Because of the terrible nightmare, Su Sasakawa didn’t dare to look at Su Chimian, but he could focus on Zheng Fengshen.
Su Juanxue suddenly realized in hindsight that she and Zheng Feng denied similarities in some ways, such as the outline of eyebrows and eyes and the shape of lips …


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