"Zhong Yi" I shouted softly.

Zhong Yi seems to have been greatly wronged, and her eyes turned red in an instant. Tears swirled in her eyes, and she struggled to turn her head away from me. Her clenched lips were full of stubbornness.
I used to hold Zhong Yi in my arms and said, "I’m sorry … I’m sorry …"
Zhong Yi endured tears and said, "I don’t want you to say you’re sorry."
"What do you want me to do …" I looked at Zhong Yi with shame and anxiety.
Zhong Yi looked up at me in front of me, a pair of eyes seemed to be able to talk and it was heartbreaking.
Zhong Yi said, "I want someone to lean on."
I held Zhong Yi in my arms again and said, "You have been wronged … It’s a pity that I didn’t help you with anything …"
Zhong Yi shook his head in my arms and said, "I understand you"
At this time, I was so moved that I couldn’t speak. I looked at Zhong Yi in my arms and wanted to wipe the tears from her eyes.
Zhong Yi stepped back a few steps and quickly wiped the tears off his sleeve and said, "I didn’t cry if you didn’t wipe it."
Zhong Yi’s eyes were covered with fog and said, "You have made me cry many times. If you cry again, the bottle will be full."
Zhong Yi is really the best woman in the world …
I’m the worst man who has ever failed her.
If it weren’t for Chen Mo’s ward, I might be moved and cry in a big mess.
"Hello, Mr. Wang Tong and Miss Young Master let you in." At this time, Fang met me and Zhong Yi with a secret file.
Zhong Yi and I looked at each other and nodded and entered the Chen Mo room together.
"Wang Tong" Chen Mo shouted my name.
I hurried away and shouted, "what’s up, brother?"
Chen Mo said, "Do you know this man …"
Chen Mo was lying in bed and said, I don’t know who he said this person was. He looked around his bed and found a familiar figure.
Cold-looking, eyebrows crossed, Liu Haiqing handsome, tall and thin, it is precisely because I have met Feng Shanze many times unexpectedly.
"Know … Feng Shanze" I shouted.
Feng Shanze smiled at me and said "Wang Tong"
Chen Mo said, "When I was forming Myh, Feng Shanze also came to take refuge in Dandan, but Xiao Chiqian joined in one step ahead. I wanted Feng Shanze to stay in Myh as a substitute, but his strength was too strong to be a substitute. It was difficult to decide the order of playing without some talent and Xiao Chiqian, so I sold Wang Niancong and let him take refuge in YG. He is also honing and exercising like you. Now YG has been eliminated from LPL just now, and Feng Shanze has not stayed."
"Feng Shanze is a single Wang Tong who is struggling with a pure dream. You should treat him well and let him join FD. If you have an organic conversation, let him take him out," Chen Mo added.
I’m a little startled looking at Feng Shanze.
I didn’t expect Feng Shanze to be the most mysterious and powerful LPL player in Chen Mo-ren’s field today. Dandan and Xiao Chiqian can compete with South Korea’s Dandan in the top two countries.
"Wang Tong is a teammate, please give me a lot of advice." Feng Shanze gave me a warm smile.
I held out my hand and shook it with him.
"Little brother, why don’t you leave Feng Shanze in Myh? The opportunity is negotiable. Myh’s winning the championship is inevitable. Why should he join the FD team? " Qiao Dong came out at this time and asked
Chen Mo didn’t look at Qiao Dong with a smile and said, "I don’t like people suspecting that I’ve decided to Qiao Dong. If you think anything, you can agree with me. Maybe now Qiao’s industry has expanded ten times, and it’s strange to call me Brother Mo. It was so called before Wang Tong."
At this time, Qiao Dong’s face was a little resentful, but he didn’t dare to look at me. His eyes were full of resentment.
I’m not afraid, my face is full of answers, and I meet his eyes directly.
Qiao Dong said to Chen Mo again, "Zhong Yi will hold a wedding with me next month. Is it wrong for me to call you little brother?"
Chen Mo turned to look at him and smiled. "Haven’t you got a marriage certificate yet?"
"Soon!" Qiao Dong said again
"Oh, but I still don’t like the name of my little brother," Chen Mo said again
"So stranger elder brother I think your idea is ill-conceived! Our team needs Feng Shanze such a strong single "Qiao Dong seems to value Feng Shanze very much.
"Myh has XiaoChiQian. Are you suspicious of his strength? Or … Xiao Chiqian has always been the captain. Do you want Feng Shanze to come over and fight for the position of captain? " Chen Mo looked at Qiao Dong like a child’s eyes, as if he had already seen through his mind.
Chen Mo didn’t directly say whether Feng Shanze was fighting for the position of captain or Qiao Dong people were fighting for the position of Qiao Dong. It was more obscure, but white people knew that it must be the latter.
I’m not sure how some workers in Myh are likely to be captains. Anyway, I’m a captain in FD, but it’s no different from ordinary players. My prefix is captain, and others are players.
"All right, just let it be." Chen Mo waved impatiently.
At this time, Zhong Yi’s father pulled me aside and said to me with a serious face, "What did Wang Tong and Chen Mo say to you in the room?"
To tell the truth, Zhong Yi and my father are very cross-eyed. In my impression, when I was a child, Zhong Bo was a man with a little humor and integrity. I don’t know why, but now I am full of influence and I hate it.
But after all, it was Zhong Yi’s father, and I couldn’t compete with him, so I laughed half jokingly, "Chen Mo, he talked to me about his life and ideals."
I’m not lying about this. It’s a veritable talk about life and ideals.
Zhong Yi’s father frowned slightly without changing his face. He said to me, "What about it?"
I laughed. "He told me to read more newspapers, play less games and sleep more. Is this specific, Uncle?"
Zhong Yi’s father left me alone with a cold hum.
I touched my nose. Now old people are so impatient?
At this time, my cell phone rang.
The phone forgot to set it to vibrate, and now the ward is quiet. This bell is particularly loud.


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