Bang bang bang …

While the white and golden knife awn spurted from the pores, when all the bullets were two feet away from the knife, they were immediately ground into dust by the protective knife awn. Where can we stop him?
Chen Han’s move is simpler than his, and he directly walks up against the hail. Even the most powerful steel-core sniper warhead can only wipe up finely Mars when it falls in the body. Even the physical defense is not needed. Even the howitzer can’t cause any damage to the suit with the level of product spirit.
Rockets exploded in front of everyone, the ground suddenly burst into flames, and air billow lifted the iron gates at the gate and flew out more than ten meters.
Dozens of people didn’t even touch a little spark, and the explosion of air billow didn’t stop their progress for half a second, and they went straight through the fire cloud and rushed into the chemical plant.
"say! Where is the nuclear weapons research institute? Otherwise, the uncle will break your head! " A post grabbed a security neck.
"That …"
Chen Han put a palm on the man’s head, ha ha smiled: "I said, brother, instead of wasting time asking questions, isn’t it much faster to search for the soul directly?"
A post leng leng embarrassed scratched his head, embarrassed to say: "hey hey ….. when mixed mafia accustomed to, at that time, by means of threats, you don’t know how powerful Lao tze was, once … hey! Wait for me, don’t go. After all, I’m also the boss of the underworld in Hunan Province. Can you give me some face? "
Razer, who turned his fist into a body, hit the ground, and the steel plate with a thickness of two feet was shattered on the spot. This Tyrannosaurus Rex didn’t even need a hidden elevator to clear the way, so he directly punched a passage with his fist.
But in more than ten seconds, seven solid underground fortifications were repeatedly broken, and a group of people appeared in the middle of the huge warehouse.
Hundreds of sealed lead barrels, large and small, were collected directly into the storage ring by Chen Han, and the knife and Xianglang had already called out a magic weapon.
Knives are everywhere, and guns are flying.
The strongest in the institute is a dozen fighters. When several other warehouses for storing finished nuclear weapons were all looted by Chen Han, the whole chemical plant became a pile of ruins, and no one could be found alive.
Not the kui is Japan’s largest nuclear weapons research institute, which has five times more inventory than the one that robbed France.
"By the way, what is the realm of Xiaojie now?" Chen cold suddenly call asked.
"In the early days of then."
The knife put away the magic weapon of nine flying knives and responded with a wry smile: "Not to mention, those metals he wants are really difficult to handle. Fortunately, we stayed in the Antarctic, and the resources became rich after the reversal of heaven and earth. Thousands of people were sent to the seabed under the ice to dig mines and help him refine with real fire, and finally the metal was collected. "
After hearing what he said, Chen Han suddenly found himself so stupid that he seemed to have five elements of lingyan, right? Why didn’t you think of a way to extract metal?
However, this method can only work after the reversal of heaven and earth. When resources were scarce before, who knows where to find the precious mineral deposits needed for cultivation?
You know, the metals needed to enter the cultivation and ascension in the then period are extremely rare precious metals, and even now the reserves in the earth’s crust can’t be too much. There are tens of thousands of people in the Antarctic, so it is easy for so many people to help. It is not easy for him to do this alone.
Handily put a storage ring into the knife, and the voice said, "Please help him with the metal in the golden elixir period. These are the metals needed for practice in the Yuan infant period, which is enough for him to ascend to the OBE period. In addition, there is a jade slip in the ring, which contains the cultivation method of Yuanying period, so that Xiaojie can write it down and destroy it immediately. "
He was not worried about the knife stealing the mind method, and when he entrusted the forbidden fairy tower to the knife, the blood oath was enough to reassure him.
"Get out of here!"
The whole operation only took a few minutes. Then, as long as the previous method is repeated, after one month, the role of the gods will disappear, so you don’t have to worry about being monitored and killed.
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
Blood-red light and shadow followed to surround dozens of people, and a charming figure was suspended in the air, and Chen Han almost didn’t swear.
"Others can go, Chen Han stays." It’s a beautiful woman suspended in the air, slowly flapping the golden bat wings. Who else can it be but Avril Lavigne?
"Woman, what do you want?"
Pointing at her, Razer was furious and shouted, "Don’t think we are afraid of you. Do you want to go to war with your own people? It’ s a big deal! "
Avril covered her mouth with a charming smile, and her body trembled with laughter: "War? I didn’t say that, besides, my family is not afraid of you. I have worked hard to catch up here just to teach him a lesson. If you want to help, it’s no problem. Anyway, the people from Ise Shrine are coming soon. "
Know the situation of all the people have changed color, regardless of how she followed behind without being found, this means is too vicious?
Dozens of blood clan masters have the same level of blood honour, the lowest equivalent to the distracted period, and nearly ten of them are no less than the fit period.
Even with the super power of the cyclops, the two sides are tied at most.
However, Avril Lavigne can pester them to the end, but they have to leave as soon as possible, otherwise, when the men of Ise Jingu Palace chase after us, they will face only one result-annihilation.
Help will be dragged into perdition, and if you don’t help, Chen Han will die. The most important thing is that Avril won’t kill anyone herself. This move is perfect, and even if the Cyclops know the news, she can push it completely.
"yo! Such an anxious expression? "
Avril Lavigne’s eyes rested on Jing Aoxue, and she giggled and said, "You are not Chen Han’s confidante, are you? It will take at least an hour for the people from Ise Shrine to come. You still have time to say goodbye to him. Before those people arrive, I can guarantee that he is alive. "
Yes, she just taught Chen Han a lesson, and she never intended to kill him. However, when the people from Ise Jingu arrived, the result was different.
"You vicious woman, I will kill you alive!" A post harsh voice drink will rush out, but was cold a pull back.
"Hee hee … big stupid bear, can I take your words as a compliment?"
"You leave quickly."
As soon as Chen Hanhua stopped speaking, he heard everyone’s opposition, and no one was willing to abandon him, including the knife that left in Kyoto before.
It’s very simple. Even if he has Chen Han’s trust, it’s all because of this person. If he is dead, what’s the point of forbidding the fairy and the dragon tower? What’s the point of cultivating so many masters?
"Listen to me!"
Chen Han took a deep breath, glanced coldly at Avril, and sent a message to everyone: "Stay, the whole army will die even if it covers me. Leave, I’m the only one who dies. Don’t you even understand such a simple truth? You all have to live well and don’t rush to say anything about revenge. Revenge before reaching Mahayana is a joke, because when you are promoted, others are also promoted. "
"It’s cold …" Jing Aoxue couldn’t stop crying, and looked bitterly at Avril Lavigne, but the latter didn’t take it seriously.
"Ao Xue, live well, I love you."
"No, I want to be with you, even if I die!"
"Residual blood predecessors, don’t forget your mission. Aoxue can’t die, you can’t die, and no one can die!"
Before everyone responded, he rapped out again: "Knife, remember your oath? Since you have chosen to follow me, who are you to say loyalty if you don’t even listen to me? Live, Qin Dage’s qualification is not enough, and Jing Yun will be really strong with you. Razer, you have to live well, and revenge for me depends on you and your people! "
Chapter 144 Change regeneration
"I don’t want you to die, don’t …"
Residual blood teeth waved a palm on the back of Jingao Snow, and she immediately closed her eyes and fell into a coma. Razer and Xianggang all turned to leave with a loud scream.
"Woman, I remember you."
The knife unleashed a frightening murderous look, and even the dozens of blood clan experts were furious. He took the snow cloud from Chen Han, which swallowed the source of the strong in the late stage of integration and fell into a deep sleep, and said slowly: "If Chen Han dies, one day I will let the whole blood clan be buried with me, and you and your people will be completely annihilated in the world!"


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