They all flew over the clear peak, and Xiao Wencai suddenly found that there was no Chu Nianrou in the crowd. He asked, "Is Sister Nianrou out again?"

"No, she’s closed."
"Little brother, you go back to rest first, and we have something to discuss."
After sending Xiao Wen back to the house, Liang Ru and others immediately flew in the direction of Ming Jianfeng, feeling a little crustily skin of head. After all, it is to be scolded …
There Xiao asked back to his house and didn’t tidy up. He threw himself directly on the bed and lay sprawled there. He was really tired and couldn’t move …
However, he is now, after all, a first-class fairy. Tao Li and physical recovery are not generally fast, what’s more, he also took the exercise method in Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing?
Just half an hour later, he was good at J and jīng, and his power was restored a lot.
At this time, he also felt novel about his state, so he immediately closed his eyes and felt it carefully.
Physical strength, satisfied!
Road force quality. Satisfied! !
Road matrix, more satisfied! ! !
Compared with before, everything is many times stronger!
This time, Xiao asked that there was a feeling that the hill could be shattered with one punch!
Is this the powerful self-confidence brought by the fairy realm?
Wait, there’s another key!
It is impossible for him to refine the fairy wares of the fairy realm when he was in the fairy realm. Now he is already in the fairy realm, but he doesn’t even have a fairy wares!
However, there are no physical objects, but there are already many methods of refining!
Since the original mistake changed the quality of geogas and dug up high-order minerals, Xiao Wen has dug up nearly 100 kinds of high-order minerals according to law, and these minerals have already formed a lot of refining methods of fairy instruments!
Among them, there is one thing that appeared first, but it is also the strongest, and that is the dragon-dropping stick!
At the beginning, he got all kinds of high-order materials needed for refining dragon-dropping sticks from two cheap uncles, and then began to look for low-order materials corresponding to these high-order materials. When he dug up the corresponding low-order materials in large quantities, the high-order materials could be dug naturally. On the day when the last high-order material was dug up, the refining method of dragon-dropping stick immediately appeared in the "Qi Dian"!
This is the most powerful fairy device for the celestial world to repair Liang Xin’s pulse, which can completely rival the fairy devices of the five giants!
Quickly arrived in the stone painting, Xiao asked to pick up the "Code of Instruments" and then looked at the refining method of the dragon-dropping stick. In fact, he has seen it many times. Now he just needs to brush up and start refining soon!
This is Xiao Wen, a practice idiot. As long as he can practice, he simply doesn’t know what fatigue is!
There is no doubt that the dragon stick will be the strongest fairy used by Xiao Wen, so he is also unprecedented serious when refining.
Then the problem arises. This fairy is unusual, with more materials and more processes. I’m afraid the time required to refine one is ten times that of refining a true fairy! And Xiao Wen has always had a characteristic in refining fairy wares, that is, many defective products will be refined before success. How long will it take him to refine so many failed products?
At this time, Xiao Wen also remembered a problem that Nan Yunqing mentioned to him: the higher the realm, the slower the pace of practice.
Now it is a true portrayal, but it takes Xiao to ask a lot of time to refine a fairy device. As a result, how can his practice rhythm get up quickly?
After all, this is no longer the realm of a little fairy and a true fairy. At that time, raising a level was just like drinking cold water, and everything will slow down in the future.
Like Nan Yunqing’s sub-god realm, it is likely that there has been no progress in practice for hundreds of years, perhaps it has been delayed by meditation, perhaps it has been refining a fairy device, and it may be looking for some kind of fairy material …
It’s time to adjust your mentality.
Anyway, I can’t hurry, so Xiao Wen settled down to a little refining. Soon the next day, Xiao Wen received Liang Ru’s voice symbol again.
When he arrived at Zhen Yan Zhai, Xiao Wen knew that there was something important to discuss when he saw everyone.
"Little brother, we have already told Master Bo that he agreed to let you take over the first place." Liang Ru direct way.
"Er … but I have to know that everyone else in Fengfeng agrees?" Xiao asked prevarication.
Liang Ru saw Xiao Wen’s mind and said with a smile, "That’s natural. We called you here to discuss this matter."
Aren’t you driving ducks to the shelves? I refuse to accept it! ! !
Xiao Wen roared in his heart. Seeing that there was no Chu Nianrou in the room, he asked, "Where is Sister Nianrou?"
"I haven’t gone through the customs yet."
"Oh …"
It is one thing for Xiao Wen not to be the first seat, but whether he is suitable or not is another matter. Everyone thinks Xiao Wen is actually a good candidate to succeed the first seat, including Chu Nianrou, who is in retreat. He is the first one to know the peak, at least in the clan affairs, knowing the peak pulse will never suffer … There are many bright spots in the xìng grid asked by Xiao, but he is used to it without realizing it. Even when dealing with the internal affairs of Mingfeng, he can certainly be fair and just. He is naturally the kind of person who can’t rub sand in his eyes.
Then Xiao Wen didn’t run away after all, and honestly stayed to discuss with them.
After the discussion, Xiao asked his mood. At this time, he made up his mind. If he must be the first one, he must definitely be the shopkeeper of cutting! He wants to choose a few trustworthy and capable people in the peak of knowing, so that he can concentrate on his practice.
Coming back slowly from the mantra Zhai, Xiao Wen decided to say hello to Nan Yunqing, only to know that Nan Yunqing was not in the house after knocking at the door.
Wanted to think, Xiao asked and flew directly to the east peak, where he saw Nan Yunqing.
"Hey? Miss Nan, where is 90,000? " Didn’t sweep to ninety thousand, shaw asked and asked.
Nan Yunqing did not answer Xiao’s question, but asked, "Has the first building been discussed?"
"Well, next I have to be high-profile and build momentum for my first succession."
"When a pulse first need only two things, ability and strength. You should do your homework in this area. "
As can be expected, those guys and uncles asked by Xiao won’t let him get what he wants. How could they allow a spring boy to take the first seat, and they are all under his jurisdiction!



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