However, this identification is serious, and many monks in Yanshan City, who are already delighted, are even more excited.

"The three ancient sages actually appeared and preached at the same time when the ancient sage road was opened. Such a grand occasion is unprecedented and unprecedented!"
Different from others, Yan Yuncang knows more things. At this time, when he is excited, he is even more confused. "If all three saints make moves, what does this show?"
"Look again and see if the three saints will appear at the same time. If there are only two statues, that’s nothing. If there are three statues together …"
Between YanYunCang forehead, a dignified color, a flash.
The sacred ancient road is the most important inheritance place of the Nine-Xuan Terran, and the three ancient saints are the three unprecedented powerful beings in the history of the Nine-Xuan Terran.
These three men, each of whom has suppressed the Nine Mysteries for thousands of years, almost without exception. When they reached their peak, thousands of ethnic groups worshipped and respected each other, and all the sentient beings in the world were filled with admiration. Even those hundreds of millions of animals and fierce beasts who were unruly and arrogant could only retreat for them.
The achievements of the three ancient sages even surpassed those of the nine sages who opened up the original nine continents of the Terran, and their Tao. Even in this age after countless years, it is deeply imprinted in every corner …
Their will runs through endless time and space, jointly suppressing more than 60% of the fate of the entire Terran.
"Ha ha, not the kui is a sage who can be tied with Yao ancient saints. I’m afraid the last saint will not be simple. If these three have not fallen, I’m afraid they can’t be stopped …"
Yan Hong contentedly immersed himself in these two avenues with different styles and fully understood the mystery.
Although it has been reincarnated, the avenue realm has been sealed. But the essence of Yan Hong. Still a figure in the Daozu series.
Therefore, compared with others, he realized it with great ease. Whenever Yan Hong’s enlightenment is stuck in a bottleneck and can’t get out of trouble. His fruity and flawless mind can always shed a little bit of cleanliness. Calm Yan Hong’s state of mind and let him rally.
Whenever Yan Hong is pushed to the edge of the cliff, there is always a strange force. Come from nowhere, bridge a wooden bridge for it, and tide it over …
This is the potential!
This is the difference between genius and mediocrity!
It has nothing to do with the level of cultivation, the speed of cultivation, and genius is the kind of person who can still break the bottleneck when he is at the peak, and can do what ordinary people can’t!
In the palm of the ancient sage’s hand, a mysterious yellow water mirror clock makes a sound like a heavenly sound, which is thick and sweet. When all those who can hear the ancient sage preach, they feel that from the inside out, the whole body and mind seem to have been baptized and cleansed, and the whole soul is transparent and clear in an instant.
It’s just a bell, but at this critical moment, I don’t know how many monks are stuck at key points, as if they have got a driving force, and they have crossed the bottleneck in one fell swoop and made great progress!
Even if you are surprised, you will feel that you have benefited a lot.
"Severe, this bell-shaped treasure, I am afraid, is still the treasure of the ancient saints. It is filled with hundreds of millions of ethnic groups’ pilgrimage, which is serious. This is definitely not deliberately carved up, but is cast by heaven and earth. It is just a wisp of Lingbao Yuanling, and Wei Neng is so powerful …"
Feel the above rich extremely popular feeling, YanHong heart very lose, this is the appearance of the merit Hallows, "however, these three ancient saints, really bad, even I, finally can only understand a forty percent …"
YanHong heart muttered, if these words go out, I’m afraid it’s enough to shock the whole wild land. How shocking is it that a little spiritual monk can understand forty percent when the holy one preaches?
Just like in the wild world, a monk who doesn’t even have the realm of the true god can actually understand the mystery of the sermon of a great avatar, even if it is only 40%, but is this a fable?
At this time, the whole Yanshan city, including the strongest Yan Yuncang, can understand one percent of them, and I’m afraid there won’t be any fingers!
"Thank you for your kindness in preaching!"
At this moment, countless monks broke through with the help of the last-minute bell, and respectfully thanked the virtual shadow that had not dissipated.
The grace of enlightenment is not far from saving lives!
I don’t know if YanHong illusion, YanHong just seems to … See whether the ancient saint’s eyes, passed the color of relief.
Yan Hong hurriedly turned his eyes to Yan Yuncang, only to find that a wisp of horror in his eyes has not yet dispersed …
"Innocence is the ancient three saints. Under the call of our monks, we can deliver a ray of their eyes through infinite time and space. Such incredible power really amazes us."
At this moment, the talented top king bowed respectfully to the shadow of the slowly dissipating saint.
Of course, this scene is not only discovered by Yan Hong and Yan Yuncang, but also deeply branded by thousands of monks in Yanshan City, which makes countless monks admire it.
"I don’t know if the third saint will also come out to preach."
No matter what others think, Yan Hong is deeply longing for it.
After two saints preached, Yan Hong already understood that these nine mysterious terrans have been waiting for endless years, and the three most powerful saints, inside their avenue, actually represent the three stages of the world’s practice system-


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