Hearing Wang Ma calling Ye Zhimei to rush to the garage for several months, she missed it very much.
But just to the door of the garage, she saw a child in her arms. Qiao Yun was confused. "This … this is …"
"Mom, her name is Grace." Qiao Yun answered with a smile.
The corners of the mouth slightly awkwardly pulled Ye Zhimei’s heart. It’s not a stranger but a child, is it? Then his father has a heart attack.
"Sister" Qiao Yun said "I’m with Mo Ran’s sister"
I just fell down with that tone. Oh, my sister is scared to death
This just rest assured to look at the cute little face on Qiao Yun’s shoulder.
"No, I haven’t seen you for months, where are your sisters?" Ye Zhimei asked again
Her eyes looked at Mo Ran. "Your sister?"
Strangely smiled. "Sort of, but not my own sister. I’ll explain it to my aunt later."
Oh, well, Ye Zhimei nodded slowly and then greeted him slightly. "Let’s go. Uncle Joe has been waiting for you for a long time. He’s waiting for a drink with you."
"Good" stranger ran bags and Qiao Yun walked into the house together.
I woke up before I entered the house. "Brother Yun, where are we?"
Qiao Yun smiled and walked and answered, "Is this where Brother Yun lived when he was a child?"
Yeah, yeah, she raised her little head and eyes and turned straight. Her eyes fell on Ye Zhi Mei and she suddenly laughed. "Aunt is so beautiful."
Ye zhimei one leng heart suddenly joy "this mouth and Qiao Yun as sweet as a child to beautiful aunt hug you, ok?"
"Well," Boon-Boon generously shrank from Brother Yun’s arms and threw himself into Ye Zhimei’s arms. "Is aunt Hua Xian really fragrant?"
"Ha ha"
Ye Zhimei smiled from ear to ear. Her face touched Enen’s little face. "Yes, aunt, it’s a fairy fairy who takes you to the garden to play, okay?"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like flowers."
"Then let’s go now." Ye Zhimei picked up Eun Eun and went to the garden.
Later, I remembered that there were still children who took a sentence without looking back. "You two go into the house by yourselves, and I’ll take Enen for a while."
"…" Qiao Yun the whole language live "my mother this is … see boon boon?"
"Does it look like you are sour?" Mo ran chuckle
Qiao Yun shrugged slightly. "It’s too sour for two sons. It seems that you didn’t please your mother-in-law by buying those gifts."
Mo Ran lifted his jaw and smiled, "Don’t you have a father-in-law? What’s the hurry?"
Chapter 15 Chapter 15
In the living room, Qiao Sheng sat cross-legged on a huge sofa and watched financial reports.
When he heard the footsteps, his face was raised slightly, and his voice was very heavy. "I’m very busy, you two didn’t come back until you pinched the rice."
It sounds unpleasant, but the corners of the mouth are slightly hooked and can’t be checked
"In the pack" Qiao Yun small with stranger but whisper a word.
Strange but "well" a, listen to come out.
"Uncle Joe" greeted him with a gift.
You are a little sensible. Qiao Sheng is even more proud.
"What do you mean you don’t bring gifts? What do you mean by buying so many?" It’s even more like putting on a long face.
"Etiquette is very important," replied Moranwell.
After that, I heard my father-in-law satisfactorily "well" and "Wang Ma, hurry up."
Cut, too loaded, Qiao Yun has never seen a person who is more loaded than him
"This is the stranger."


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