"Tianyue … you’re late. You’re too late!"

Shui Tianyue’s already disordered mood makes her tremble further away!
Last night, my sister dragged her to chat until late at night. When she woke up in the early morning, it was near dawn!
She hurried to the palace without even having breakfast!
"Empress too what’s wrong with him? What happened to him? "
In Shui Tianyue’s heart, she wished something had happened too much!
At least she can accept the news that he left again!
But it is forced after all!
Zhong Yalian shook hands and picked up a piece of neatly folded rice paper from a side table and gave it to Shui Tianyue while crying, "Tianyue, this … is for Qing Er to give you the palace before he left! You … see for yourself! "
When Shui Tianyue took Zhong Yalian’s rice paper, she didn’t move for a long time like a woodcarving!
Before leaving … Before leaving …
What are you leaving again?
I just got back! It’s only been one night. He can’t wait to leave. What? Is it because he gave himself an illusion that they were so tacitly talking and laughing on the way? !
Shui Tianyue burst into tears and looked at the rice paper in her hand. She had little strength to read it!
Tears kept falling, and soon the rice paper was wet, and how much handwriting was wet!
Seeing this water, Tianyue feels distressed and her fingertips keep wiping!
Zhong Yalian cried so sadly that Shui Tianyue couldn’t help but gently unfold the rice paper!
The handwriting on the rice paper is so clear. Although Shui Tianyue is already in tears, every stroke outlines her heartbreak!
Water girl, you and I are half possible! May god love you and finally get a lover! Post-session! "A simple sentence is both affectionate and sincere!
Especially the sentence’ post-sessional period!’ I personally crushed all the expectations in Shui Tianyue’s heart!
It turned out that she had never been considered in his heart!
It turns out that for so many days and nights, her infatuation is wrong!
It turned out that she was still a strange water girl in his eyes!
Shui Tianyue’s eyes are in a trance, holding the small print on the surface of rice paper, and it took her almost all her life to read it completely!
She doesn’t know how she left Fengyi Palace or what Queen Zhong Yalian said in her ear!
She walked around the palace in a trance. She seemed to have walked out of the palace door, and the crowds kept bumping into her, but she couldn’t feel the pain!
She clenched her fingertips and always held the farewell letter. It seems that only this letter can be her only miss in their later years!
No one recognized her in the crowded crowd until her eyes were glassy and she was hit by someone from the street and fell to the ground!
"Look, isn’t this the Shui family’s first daughter?"
"It seems that, er, what happened to her?"
Fell to the ground, and the huge blow made her completely irrational!
She suddenly burst into tears, burying her face in her hands and crying uncontrollably!
This situation has scared many people in the street!
After all, it’s a natural friend’s daughter. If anything happens to her, the Shui family will blame them and they will never escape!
"Miss Shui, get up quickly!"
"Who just hit her? It hurts to see her cry like this! "
Everyone was whispering and talking, and Shui Tianyue was supporting and fighting, and crying eventually turned into sobs. Finally, she leaned over and completely fainted in the street!
You Qing left Shui Tianyue and fainted. On this day, it seemed as if the whole world in Qingguo had changed!
For the people, they don’t know it!
But compared with the boring palace atmosphere, it is a blow to everyone to leave!
It also includes the second prince Yinan!
He has always believed that his biggest rival is Youqing, and he has always believed in his ability and means. Unfortunately, his birth determines his position as a subordinate!
"Is he really gone?"
After the early dynasty, Yinan returned to Wangfu and sat in the first unbelievable whisper!
Water tenderness also heard the wind coming back early. "Your Majesty is true!"
Wen Yinan’s sight is fixed on water, tender face is obscure and elusive!
They will definitely experience another blood shed contest when he comes back this time!
But what happened to him to be so determined to abandon his identity!
"Princess Princess is not good!"
Suddenly, when the tenderness of water and the righteousness of escape from the south are opposite, her personal maid calls!
"What’s the matter?"
Water tender eyelids jump nervously looking at her!
"Princess ShuiGu news said two young lady fainted on the way back to the house! Master Shui wrote to let you go back to the house at once! "
After listening to the maid’s words, her face was tender and she was about to speak when Yi Nan said, "Wang will go back with you!"
A group of people hurried back to Shuifu, but Shuitianyue was always in a coma!
She held the rice paper tightly at her fingertips and was seen by everyone!
No one in Shuijia doesn’t know that Shuitianyue was so affectionate to the dynasty!


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