Soon Cheyenne received the first batch of Tianling potion, which can not only instantly return to full state to treat serious injuries, but also increase the player’s attribute value by% in one minute. It is a great potion.

In the end, Cheyenne’s grass became one hundred and twenty bottles of elixir.
You won the friendship of Rhodes.
"If the warriors in the village had such magical potions to help them resist the attack of the Fauna, they wouldn’t have lost so much!" Rod sighed.
Cheyenne knew that there was something to be continued.
Chapter 33 Gamblers revenge
Rod lamented that it sounded suspicious to Cheyenne to ask him for the signal of Tianling potion.
Many games do not wake up directly, depending on the player’s own choice, there will be different rewards for subsequent development, and there is no right or wrong score.
Cheyenne took the initiative to say, "Uncle Rod, I can donate these heavenly potions to the warriors in Dapu Village!"
"Really?" Rod exclaimed with surprise, "It’s a great honor to meet such a good person as you in Great Waterfall Village. I’ll take you to the village head. He will be thrilled to know the news."
Soon Cheyenne met Keith, the village chief, led by Rod.
After seeing the elixir, the village chief Keith’s eyes shone brightly. He repeatedly picked up a bottle of elixir, looked at it again and again, and finally returned it to Cheyenne.
"This medicine is really a healing medicine. Unfortunately, I can’t accept it!" Keith sighed.
"What?" Cheyenne asked
"It’s really too expensive. The financial resources of Dapu Village can come up with something of the same value for it!" Keith nai said.
"I can give the Ministry to the warriors in Dapu Village!" Cheyenne avenue
Keith shook his head and refused, "Great Waterfall Village will never take advantage of others, otherwise we won’t have the face to meet people outside! I can call the warriors in the village and let them exchange their own valuables with you as much as they can. "
In Kishao village, the strongest warriors gathered at the village head’s home, and Rod left first.
"The village chief doesn’t know what you called us for. Is there any powerful pagoda beast around the village?" A warrior asked.
"Don’t call you this time is a good thing! This Zunbao brother has a batch of great potions at hand, and you can exchange them from him if you want! " Village head Keith said
A warrior disdained, "Who doesn’t know the level of Uncle Rod’s pharmaceutical agent in the whole Seagull town? What kind of extreme medicine can this man have at a young age!"
Other warriors echoed that they were not interested in Cheyenne’s potion.
"If you are not interested, you can leave first," Cheyenne said quietly.
The village chief stopped those who wanted to leave the warrior and said, "I am a purple piece of equipment and only changed this strong man a bottle of medicine. Am I a man with eyes?"
"what! Purple equipment just changed a bottle of medicine? What kind of medicine is it? " Someone asked in surprise, and others also showed curiosity.
Keith, the village chief, saw that it was almost sold, and motioned Cheyenne to take out a bottle of Tianling potion. When those warriors saw the efficacy of Tianling potion, they were shocked and breathed heavily.
"I also gave a purple equipment for a bottle!" Someone suddenly drink a way
"I’ll exchange the animal materials!"
In an instant, the scene was in chaos, and everyone wanted to get the elixir. Most of these warriors took out all kinds of materials, which were not big for Cheyenne now, but they were exchanged for a lot of honor for the pagoda.
In exchange for the honor value, the materials of the pagoda animals need to be exchanged at a specific np, and there are also places like Seagull Town that have the statue of the pagoda. Cheyenne didn’t put those materials away first.
Half of Cheyenne’s elixir was exchanged for a lot of materials, and some of them were special materials that he could create skills.
Tong you won the respect of the villagers at 5 o’clock in Dapu Village.
Cheyenne suddenly felt a strange force covering him when he bid farewell to the village chief and went to Rode’s house.
"Who sneaked on me?" Cheyenne looked around and asked for a cold drink
That kind of heavy pressure immediately alerted Cheyenne that someone was spying on him in the dark. It was obvious that he was an enemy or not.
"It’s not that easy for you to run away when you get into trouble in Seagull!" A man with a smile on his face turned on the stereo, and six strong men armed with weapons appeared around Cheyenne. That man was the gambler who lost a lot in the bet, Maike. They were all gulltown thugs.
These six local ruffians are all at level 5. If Cheyenne wakes up and comes back to the pagoda world, these people are small miscellaneous fish to him. But now Cheyenne has not provoked these local ruffians’ strength. His first thought is to make as much noise as possible to alert the warriors in Dapu Village.
The six local ruffians seem confident that they are not in a hurry to start work. Cheyenne knows that he can’t wait any longer, otherwise he will be badly defeated if he is besieged by these six people. He directly backs off and shouts at the same time.
"Give it to me!" The leading troll realized that things were not going well and Yang shouted.
At this time, Cheyenne played a role in the Great Waterfall Village. Almost as soon as he drank, six Great Waterfall Village warriors came running from a distance.
"Bold fanatics dare to disrespect our distinguished guests in Dapu Village!" With the villagers drinking, they have arrived near, and these local ruffians are fighting into a ball.
The gambler Maike raised his hand viciously towards Cheyenne, and a sharp mans enveloped Cheyenne. He felt that everything around him seemed to be changing.
"You have caused us great losses, and I will let you have a taste of being besieged by floating beasts in the wild!" The gambler Michael’s voice came faintly.
After the surrounding area was calmed down, Cheyenne discovered that he had been sent to the Great Waterfall Village, where the unknown field was located, and had already disappeared.
At this moment, in the distance, a pagoda animal with a shining red halo rushed towards Cheyenne.
Fauna beast is a monster in the form of a demon. They are engraved with the word "Fauna". They will attack the world of Fauna. There is a world of Fauna in villages and towns. The lowest strength of a specific monster is also at level 5. For Cheyenne, it is difficult for him to defeat it at present.
Well, it seems that I have to go on my first trip to the world of the pagoda. Cheyenne made the skua idol and finally returned to the sea before the pagoda animal reached him.
Back to the island Cheyenne didn’t stop and returned directly to Sirius City.
As soon as Cheyenne arrived in the main city, she received Zou Yu’s words that she had published the ranking list of master players according to Cheyenne’s suggestion, which really caused many players to discuss and was ready to launch the master invitational tournament in a few days.
"oh? Who do you rank first? " Cheyenne asked curiously.
Zou Yu is rarely naughty. "Guess what?"
Summer peace of mind in a bad feeling opened the forum in the most prominent position to see the list, to see the high name to be continued.
Chapter 333 Great God List
There are 100 positions in this named "Great God List", but there are 90 people, and the remaining 10 positions are still missing.
Cheyenne knows that this is because the players behind are close in strength and there are too many people. It is a big stunt to let more players participate.
Cheyenne’s eyes didn’t stay anywhere else, but directly aimed at the most obvious name.
Big devil
The first name is Cheyenne.
Cheyenne had a hunch, but when all this happened, he couldn’t help but sigh.
"Hey, I’m a very low-key person, so I can’t think of a high-profile person."
Although the list is the big devil, it is confirmed in the introduction of the big devil that the treasure is what the big devil doesn’t respect because the name of the big devil is louder.
Cheyenne doesn’t need to go to the discussion to know that he is in a big fire again this time.
"how about it? This is your suggestion. "Zou Yu said at the other end of the sentence.
"Well, this taste is wonderful. Haha, brother is the first in the world!" Cheyenne arrogance said with a smile
Zou Yu poured cold water on Cheyenne. "Whether it’s the first day depends on whether you can stand the test."
"In that case, I’ll add another fire for you." Cheyenne thought for a while and said.
Zou Yudao: "This is exactly what I want to talk to you about."
"I know how to read the forum in two minutes," Cheyenne said and hung up.


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