Liu Yao saw her cold face and glared at her. Xia Zhu was very sad. They were not like this before. Liu Yao would be happy to see her and pull her arm and talk endlessly.

But now it is obvious that they are no longer friends.
"Liu Yao" Xia Zhu took the initiative in the past, but Liu Yao directly avoided her coming into the classroom and wearing headphones.
Xia Zhu wait for a while felt in situ that she had completely lost this friend. Her tears swirled in a circle. Maybe one day she would spare her pains.
Xia Zhu received Bai Hong’s words from school. He made an appointment and wanted to talk to Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu promised her, but her mood is still a little complicated. It seems that Grandpa knows about them, too. What should she do if he persuades himself to forgive Bai Yinting?
I don’t know why Xia Zhu still has an inexplicable nervousness. She may give up because of grandpa’s persuasion. After all, she really can’t bear to leave.
After coming to the restaurant, Xia Zhu quickly found Bai Hong’s master’s complexion was not very good, and they broke their hearts during this period.
"Grandpa" Xia Zhu walked over and looked at the old man apologetically.
"Xia Zhu, why didn’t you tell grandpa after so many things happened?" Bai Hong is also very distressed to see her haggard face.
"Grandpa, you are so old, I really don’t want you to worry about our affairs. I didn’t expect to disturb you in the end." Xia Zhu sat down.
"Ah," Bai Hong sighed. He kept turning the beads in his hand. He really didn’t know what to say.
"Grandpa, are you in good health?" Xia Zhu took the initiative to ask
"I’m fine." Bai Hong hesitated several times, wondering where to start.
"Grandpa, if you have something to say, just say it." Xia Zhu is ready for the psychological preparation.
"Xia Zhu, grandpa, you have always been the best granddaughter in your heart, but now there is something wrong with your relationship with Yin Ting. You also know that when he and Yimo parted, it was because I was probably wrong that such an out-of-control situation appeared." Bai Hong said.
"Grandpa, how can you be blamed?" Xia Zhu found that things seemed not as simple as she imagined.
"Xia Zhu, I know you’re going to divorce Yin Ting, and I support your decision." Bai Hong said and took out a file cover and pushed it to Xia Zhu. "It’s our White House that owes you a 10 million bank card, a villa worth 100 million yuan and a 7 million luxury car. Of course, if you still have his request, you can tell me that I will try my best to make it up to you."
Xia Zhu was shocked. She never thought that grandpa would agree with her divorce from Bai Yinting, and she was also very supportive and gave her so much compensation.
How tempting! Ten million bank cards, hundreds of millions of villas and seven million luxury cars, but these things are not what Xia Zhu really wants.
"Grandpa, I have already written a divorce agreement to Bai Yinting. I don’t want him to go through the formalities with me." Xia Zhuyin trembled.
"Silly boy is he sorry how can you wronged yourself? You are embarrassed to ask grandpa to help you. "If Xia Zhu doesn’t want anything, he will feel guilty and uneasy if he leaves Bai Hong."
"I really don’t need anything." Xia Zhu smiled bitterly. Without her lover, what is there to keep her wealth?
Bai Hong sighed and had to tell the truth. "Xia Zhu, I won’t tell you the truth. Yimo is pregnant, otherwise I won’t agree to let you divorce. This time it’s really a choice."
"What did you say?" Xia Zhu got a chill. Is Yimo pregnant?
"Before she said that she was terminally ill, it was a lie. Now she is pregnant with a child. There is nothing I can do. You must understand Grandpa, and you know that I have been looking forward to this great-grandson for a long time." Bai Hong’s eyes are also full of tears
How can Xia Zhu’s eyes be distracted? It’s a great irony
She and Bai Yinting can’t go back completely. Yimo laid a big picture and she won.
Xia Zhu doesn’t know what else to say. Yimo is pregnant, so she is now a hero of the White House and she can leave in despair.
So what is this child in her belly?
Fate really plays tricks on people. Xia Zhu shed tears involuntarily. She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t help it.
"Xia Zhu, I know you must be very sad. You must accept all these compensations." Bai Hong took Xia Zhu’s hand. "The day after tomorrow will be better without you."
"Grandpa, don’t worry, I won’t disturb their lives. I will leave forever." Xia Zhu said and got up. She really endured it or she would suffocate.
"Xia Zhu, you must take these things." Bai Hong didn’t expect Xia Zhu to run out like this and didn’t want anything.
Xia Zhu ran out of the restaurant and suddenly felt her lower abdomen hurt again. The doctor wouldn’t let her mood fluctuate too much, which was not good for the fetus.
She is a hard-won child, and it is even more difficult to keep it.
Xia Zhu is breathing slowly by a tree, calming her breath. She must be calm. It’s no big deal. She has decided to divorce. Who does he have children with?
After a long time, Xia Zhu finally eased her emotional stability. After that, she took a taxi and went back to her residence to lie in bed.
Listening to the soft piano music, she adjusted her breath, but she couldn’t get rid of Bai Yinting in her mind. He appeared in her mind alternately, laughing like fireworks or cold as frost, which fascinated her so much.
The more I want to swing him out of my brain, the result is that Xia Zhugen has no way to meditate.
She tossed about in bed for a long time and finally burst into tears like a vent. How did this happen? What would she do to make herself so miserable?
I don’t know how long it took Xia Zhu to clean up her bad mood completely. She came to the restaurant with red eyes and ate something.
Suddenly, I was so hungry and didn’t feel sick. The child seemed to know that she was in a bad mood and didn’t give her any more trouble.
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Let each other go is a real relief
At noon, Xia Zhu accidentally received a message from Yimo and she also asked to meet.
Xia Zhu didn’t want to see Yimo’s proud face and refused to meet, saying that she already knew. I wish her and Bai Yinting a long life together.
But Yimo seems to be unwilling to give her a reply. Don’t you want to know how many things Bai Yinting has hidden from you?
Xia Zhu is one leng. What does this mean?
She didn’t reply to Yimo, so she sent the address directly and added, but he told me a lot about you, and everything was awesome.
Xia Zhu looked at the typesetting on the mobile phone and didn’t move for a long time. She believed it.
Bai Yinting does have a lot of things to hide from her. Does Yimo know all these things?
In the end, Xia Zhu went as promised. Before she walked into the restaurant, she silently told herself that no matter what happened, she should not get excited. The child must control her emotions.
It’s just the truth. Even if I decide to leave, I still want to know what happened.
When I met Yimo, Xia Zhu was a little surprised. She looked very good, not as sick as before, but also dressed very expensively. She changed her temperament.
"I knew you would come to me, and I won’t leave when I’m done." Yimo proved to be very arrogant
Even when I sit there and look at Xia Zhu, I don’t look up but squint at her, which is more like a contempt for Xia Zhu.
"What are you trying to say?" Xia Zhu sits opposite her, and now she looks more like a patient.
"Do you know when you will go on a business trip when your mother is in hospital?" Yimo looks very uncomfortable.
However, Xia Zhu now points out that although she already knows the answer, she still doesn’t know the specific details.
"If you want to say it, just say you don’t want to say it." Xia Zhu also doesn’t want to be too passive.
"Because our family arranged a business trip for you at that time, and your mother met someone when you were on a business trip, that is, after meeting that person, your mother died suddenly because she was too excited and sad." Yimo replied
Xia Zhu one leng originally there is such a thing that she has no idea who it is. Is it him who will make his mother have such a big emotional change?
Has Bai Yinting found her biological father? Xia Zhuxin hung up.
"If you want to know who that person is, I can tell you, but …" Of course, Yimo has her exchange.
"What do you want me to do?" Xia Zhu knew that the purpose of Yimo’s trip was to let her leave.
"divorce with Bai yinting as soon as possible and leave here forever. I think grandpa should have looked for you, too. should he compensate you too little?" Yimo is still a little jealous, but those things are nothing compared. She will have more.
"Don’t worry that I will divorce and leave here. Who is that person?" Xia Zhu is really eager to know
"I’ll tell you when you’re done," Yimo said with a sigh. "You don’t have so many, do you?"
"Is there anything else about him?" Xia Zhu stare big eyes Yimo ponder expression let her heart very uncomfortable.


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