"Li! ——”

Yongle gritted his teeth with anger and his face turned red. Look at Li’s back!
"Kill one and don’t stay!"
Li’s face was cold, his eyes were as cold as a blade, and Yongle appeared. He unexpectedly broke his original plan by being out of control, but now he has to bow and arrow, and there is no turning back. When he ordered to deal with Ning’s family, he was doomed to return.
"Archers! Let go! " "-put-"
"Cheep-cheep-whew! Whew! Whew! ……”
Broken ring with li words fell several arrows like raindrops into Ning Caichen a line of people!
"Royal! ….. boom! "
At this moment, Ning Caichen stepped on the ground before moving his right foot, and a footprint was stepped on the ground. Then he saw a huge eye diagram of Yin and Yang fish on his head, which appeared as a huge millstone covering dozens of meters in Fiona Fang and directly covering this side …
"Ding ding ding ding …"
Dense arrows shoot fish’s eyes like shooting steel plates!
"The spearmen attack!"
Lee’s face changed and then ordered!
"ooh Oh! ……”
The earth shook, and the spearmen held a black shield with a height of more than one person from all directions, surrounded by Ning Caichen and others, like a torrent of steel, and their spears burst out of the black shield!
"protect your wife."
Ning Caichen told Ningshan and Seibel around him that for a moment his body leaped high towards Chen Qiao Li!
"Archers shoot!"
See Ning Caichen came to himself, and Li’s face remained unchanged and he ordered directly!
At this moment, a muffled sound was Chen Gong’s hand, and a huge palm appeared behind Li!
"Bang … snow … ah …"
Chen Gong shot very suddenly. He just kept silent and hid himself. Now it suddenly broke out and not far from Li. Li Gen didn’t react. Although he sensed danger and escaped a fatal blow, his left shoulder was photographed and his body was taken out more than ten meters away. He spit out a big mouthful of blood. Several military commanders next to him also followed the experience of vomiting blood. Wu Yi’s whole left arm was shattered and screamed.
"General …" "Kill this man"
Next to the Red Wing Army, the reaction soon saw the hand. Chen Gong directly killed Chen Gong.
"A thought of life and death!"
"Before! Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! ……”
Chen Gong hands to meet his hands with purple light blooms and finally turns into a purple beautiful flower. The purple light shoots around like a chain of gods and rushes towards him as fast as lightning. Soldiers are directly penetrated by purple light and then their bodies freeze in place!
"Destroy … before! ……”
The purple flowers burst and burst into bright brilliance like fireworks, and at the same time, the soldiers who rushed around also burst their souls and fell to the ground!
"Demon Road!"
Li’s eyes are a little red with anger!
"Before! ….. Snow … "
Moment a sword of light flew straight for Li’s back, which was killed by Ning Caichen. Chen Gong seized the opportunity to cross the red-wing army and waved a sword of light. Li reacted quickly and was moved to the right by the crisis behind him. Finally, his left shoulder was deeply fried by the sword of light!
"Snow … wow! ……”
Lee’s body flew backwards and coughed up a lot of blood in his mouth!


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