After saying his word, Qi actually looked at the vampire Lao directly behind him and turned to leave here.

Flint vampire Lao suddenly incited his wings and then jumped on the flaw like a tiger.
"You … want to go?"
"That’ll have to … see if I let you go …!"
Low roar mingled with the howling of the wind, bloodsucking Lao relied on his immortality to see the strength of this inexplicable guy.
"oh! The world can stop me a lot of guys, but you obviously miss. "
Without even looking back, he suddenly swelled up and turned into a monster-like horror, devouring the vampire Lao.
Tear …
That is, it sounds like a sharp knife cutting cloth, and it sounds like a pawn tearing and screaming …
The vampire Lao, who was engulfed by the shadow, felt black in front of his eyes. When he bared his teeth and appeared in the real world again, he was already a hundred steps away from Kai.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you."
At this time, Qi suddenly turned around and looked at the vampire Lao again.
"I hate it when people don’t respect me, even if you’re such an immortal."
The pupil suddenly contracted, and it was too late to realize that it was not good
See qi suddenly reached out and pulled out a strange puppet from his own shadow, and the puppet looked impressively bloodsucking.
From latosolic red eyes to sharp fangs to those giant bat wings …
That strange puppet vividly imitates all the physical features of vampire Lao, and just looks like it gives people a feeling of hair standing tall.
"If you divide’ immortality’ into levels, your’ immortality’ charge is also the entry level."
When Kai said this, he had already torn off an arm of that strange doll.
In an instant, the severe pain synchronized to the vampire body, and its arm was abruptly pulled like that weird doll.
Then the other arm, legs, wings are straight, and finally even the head is pulled …
I have never encountered such a strange attack since I got the "Immortal Body" to suck blood, and my fear made it cry out of control.
Because the vampire Lao knows that this guy is definitely capable of killing himself completely.
"Don’t worry I won’t kill you."
Seeing that the vampire Lao was dismembered into several pieces not far away, he temporarily lost all his mobility and nodded his head with satisfaction.
"You are the prey of that king, and I don’t want to offend him yet."
"After all, I’m afraid even I will be completely killed by that guy if he launches a hurricane."
"And for this kind of doomed to oppress a generation, my consistent practice is to hide if you can, and try not to blame him."
At this point, Qi Yin paused a little before continuing and then continued
"This is the real’ immortal way’ and the reason why I can live to the present."
"I was born in san huang, and I have seen the vast ghost wars and experienced the suffering of immortality."
"but I don’t want to die yet. I want to see a wider future and see the end of it!"
Pei Wende, on the other hand, although he can’t see black and white, can often see the images of those souls who have been crossed over by himself suddenly disappearing.
There was an experience that Pei Wende knew that these souls should have been picked up by the ghost of the underworld who appeared near here just like Zhang Sheng.
Pei Wende intended to spy on the netherworld with his own eyes of yin and yang. He folded his hands and bowed in the direction of the souls disappearing.
Pei Wende sincerely admires some ghosts and gods who have been working hard for a long time.
If it weren’t for them, the world would definitely be more chaotic than it is now.
Then, just like crossing over every time, Pei Wende chose to bear the fruits of these souls’ lifetime, and sighed deeply, which flashed through their minds.
Pei Wende, who has already started his heart, is not so passive, but a more free way to "flip through" those memories rather than immerse himself in those past scenes.
Chapter 19 Halo of athel Loren
"60 seconds at a flick of a finger, 900 lives and dies in an instant"
The heart wheel rotates at an amazing speed, and Pei Wende digests those lantern memories, and the whole process is completed in an instant.
In this scene, in the eyes of some people, Pei Wende turned over those ghosts and blink of an eye, which made him feel a bit more vicissitudes.
That is, after all, a dozen memories before life.
Even if it contains some memory fragments that impressed them most during their lifetime, the experience can not be absorbed and digested in a short moment.
Thanks to Pei Wende II and the information explosion and baptism in previous lives, the heart chakra helped me digest those simple and ignorant thoughts under great pressure.
It was not until Pei Wende was ill that Sun County Commandant dared to say hello carefully.
"I said I’m not a master, I’m an ordinary practitioner."
Twist a head looked at sun county commandant PeiWenDe again so stressed.
Of course, Pei Wende didn’t expect Sun Xianwei and his party to really think of themselves as an ordinary person.
At this time, Pei Wende has noticed the evil spirit in the darkness.
That’s the source that turned ordinary villagers nearby into blood-sucking monsters, and it’s also the culprit.
Pei Wende didn’t find any clues behind the scenes in the memories of ordinary people.
Or Pei Wende can find some memory fragments before they die.
Most of these memory fragments are scenes in which they are alienated by its blood-sucking monster.
In the first to be transformed into a blood-sucking monster?
Pei Wende saw a flash of red light in his memory before he died, and he completely lost his consciousness before he died.
In other words, Pei Wende failed to find clues about the murderer behind the scenes from the memories of these dead people.
At this moment, Xiaoqing suddenly held her head high and looked up at the sky, and once again issued a scream symbolizing vigilance.
Pei Wende, who has full confidence in Xiaoqing’s observation, immediately looked up and looked down at it.
I saw a yellow paper crane flying in this direction, and there were waves of hurried steps behind it.
Just as Pei Wende was the "reconnaissance unit" sent by the murderer behind the scenes to investigate the situation in this area.
A group of officers dressed as officers were panting while running, and a monk with steady steps and striding meteors led them from the end of the street.
At first glance, I noticed that there would have been a war between those bloodsucking monsters who had been turned over near Peiwende. The monk was one leng and then turned his attention to the unusually remarkable teenager.
It doesn’t need to be said that the monk can see at once that those monsters around him who have been killed and turned over to suck blood are the work of this seemingly weak young man.
Especially the little green snake coiled around the other side’s neck.
The monk even felt a deep breath close to that of the great demon.
Because of the particularity of his practice, monks have gained intuitive insight far beyond that of normal practitioners, even though they can communicate with each other in ventriloquism every day.
The monk is very confident in his intuition. The young man and the green snake are absolutely not inferior to the vampire Lao’s terror.
But before the monk could explain, a loud noise suddenly came from the street not far away.


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