"Know the elder sister head and notify the magic forces! It is estimated that there will be a big war. "

After God bless went outside, many people followed him out. God bless appeared behind a suit of ice armor. God bless flew towards dark D. Everyone watched and flew to a hundred meters position. God bless thought about it and continued to prepare for approaching. Holding a camera, he looked at the black D inside. It was dark and could not see anything. God bless continued to slowly approach when standing ten meters away, but he felt the magic squeezing and the number of black tentacles "brushing" at his position. God bless.
Chen Yanyan "Watch out for the second goods!"
Islamic TIA "God bless and be careful!"
Queen Lily "Ah You, look out!"
Three women wake up differently, and then they see God bless the ice shield blocking the tentacle. If you hit the fruit and continue to attack, God bless you. Look at these tentacles. "Automatic attack but strong strength will bring people closer, and then you can break down or devour energy with magic, but I’m not big! Give it to me! "
God bless broke free from the tentacles and then stayed away from the black D. God bless reported to the com, "You mean this is a delivery device?" But also absorbs energy and then is positioned? " The storm girl was surprised and then quickly informed him that the base "had better find a way to destroy it!" "
"His base also tried to attack but didn’t!"
"The attack will give him more energy instead. I’ll try it. If it’s the strongest blow directly, then we won’t try it again and prepare for the battle directly!"
After that, God bless the ball with both hands and a blue ice hockey. God bless the "frost wyrm law!" God bless according to the goblin laws in the goblin tail to modify and develop magic to absolutely freeze the enemies identified in a certain range.
"No, this trick may not work. Change the shape!" See the former ice hockey become a leader "frost wyrm was born!" Ice magic forms frost wyrm with dragon power. God bless you. Push your hands against black D, and a blue dragon appears and rushes directly at black D.
Huge frost wyrm hits black D.
Chapter two hundred and seven
Black D God bless the attack, the whole front is covered with frost, and then I see that black D slowly absorbs the covering magic. "Hey! No way! No! Everyone is ready! "
After a few minutes, the black D became many times larger, and the area of more than ten meters became hundreds of meters. The black D gave off a black and red light, and then the black fog dispersed around it. An ancient gate with strange patterns appeared. God bless you. Looking at this gate, there is a familiar feeling. "What is this feeling?" These symbols! What an inferno! Hand over the troops and get ready for shelling! Don’t be too close to here for all those who have the ability. "
So everyone started to move. Just as everyone was preparing, the gate in the sky made a "creak" sound [latest chapter reading]
"The door is closed," someone shouted. There was a crack right next to the door, so that only one person could pass through it. Then the door roared and its wings fluttered.
"Chuo-choo" several shadows emerged from the crack of the door, and some half-size winged humanoid black monsters appeared "Little devil?"
God bless the nearest people. God bless the direct attack "Diamond Stars!" A thick cold current hit the gate, and then God bless the magic. From the bottom to the surface, God bless the cold current, just like glue, stuck the gap between us.
A little devil flew out to attack God Blessed, but when he saw God Blessed attacking the gate, the moves stopped and then scattered elsewhere. "Attack these little demons for me!" "
"Fire!" Poems directed at the troops, followed by all kinds of artillery fire from the ground troops to attack the little demons, and then there were men and women who also had the ability to write. However, although these little demons were very strong, weapons could still be killed at this stage.
"These should be the lowest-level demons, and they can be said to be young demons, not even children!" God bless said to the communication
"God bless you. How do you know?"
"I just see it! I’ll keep an eye on the gate and you’ll be in charge of these little ones! " God bless continued to stare at the gate, and the little devil didn’t come to God bless the trouble. After all, they are not stupid enough to know that God bless this level, not all of them can get rid of the guy together.
The frozen gate was unfrozen, and several small demons were abandoned. There were some demons bigger than the small demons, some gray skin, blue and red, and some with forks. Then a group of demons came out with flames, and then women were exposed and held various weapons.
"frost wyrm was born!" God bless directly released a big move to destroy these low-level demons who just came out.
"This has a powerful human wizard!" A demon said to his companion in a demon language
"Nothing, no, he’s coming, Lord efreet!"
Then several demons were frozen into ice just after they left the gate, and then fell to the ground one by one, and a few escaped the blow. Then these demons were still scattered. "Grass! Where to run! Meteor chasing the moon! " God bless hundreds of ice boxing meteors with one punch, and each will pursue the devil just like a missile.
"Kaka Kaka"
The gate made a sound, but the sound was stronger than before. Immediately after the gate "touched", a pair of huge burning stones were completely hit, and then God bless saw a burning stone demon slowly climb out of the gate. "This world is ours!"
Although efreet speaks devil’s language, everyone can understand what he says, and the spirit, language and magic can directly express their meaning to each other.
"This is not you say you are your world! Go back is your best choice, "God bless said to efreet, but it is a roar.
"Ho ho!" Efreet jumped out of the door and then a few smaller efreet jumped out "damn it! Diamond star fist! “
This time, God bless failed to kill these guys with one punch, but flew a lot, causing some damage, as can be seen from the weakening of their flames.
"The human wizard is strong, and your opponent is me!" Jump out to efreet and step on the air, leaving a flame tail in the face of God bless.
Efreet waved a huge fist at God bless and attacked God bless, and punched his fists to meet the collision. "Touch!" A huge explosion caused God bless and efreet to fly out, and both of them rushed out when they touched each other.
God bless crashed into a building, and then God bless rushed out instantly, and then looked for flying out of efreet. Seeing that efreet crashed into a building, several civilians were burned to ashes by efreet flame waves. "Is there anyone who hasn’t evacuated?"
"Some people don’t want to leave! We can’t help it! "
"In this case, pull the alarm and evacuate the highest level of the alarm!"
The poem started the city evacuation alarm. The whole city thought of a huge alarm. The whole city didn’t know that it had not been evacuated. Everyone heard it, and then the video network broadcast the news. This is also a warning. When someone thinks of it, they will pick up their mobile phones and see what happened. This is amazing. Everyone will evacuate at the first time.
"The alarm is late!"
"God bless you to take off for a while!"
God bless the door, an absolutely frozen door is sealed, and then God bless the efreet attack. "This frozen door should last for a while! My heart will kill this thorny big one! "
"ho ho!" Efreet saw the door sealed, God bless, and attacked himself. "Woo hoo" efreet people attacked God bless, and they were responsible for resolving the freezing of the door.
"Stop him!" God bless the face of the power and shouted that God bless the squad and joined the battle. Chen Yanyan’s brother Firewall faced efreet Road "There is a human wizard!"
"Give the old niang die! Dragon boxing! " A fire dragon hit efreet’s body, and efreet shouted, "Does the flame hurt me?" But just after that, I was hit in the face, and my huge body was knocked down and flew out.
"Dragon Rides Rapier!" A five-foot sword in the hand of Islamic Tia appeared in his hand and then "pricked" efreet. A cry of magic shock wave stabbed efreet "touched" efreet’s left shoulder and was stabbed through a huge D.
"ho ho"
Efreet bellow hands kept hammering the ground "damn human! Go to hell! Hellfire! " Around efreet, several flames kept burning, and many troops and powers were involved in burning to ashes.
"Kill the fire!" Then efreet punched a few people to attack efreet’s fist lines, and then a flame sprayed S, and then a fire tornado hit God bless and so on.
Chapter two hundred
"Man, what can your flame hurt me?" Efreet asked Chen Yanyan.
"Idiot! My flame can not only burn but also strike! Another blow. "


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