The sun is resurrected?

"Land known the origin of the spring? How did you attract the seven fairy goddesses here? "
Wu Ming asked
"The little god doesn’t know that there is nothing unusual about the saliva, but recently this place is hotter than the little god."
Soon Zhang Laohan excused himself.
Wu Ming came to the spring with a gust of wind.
It’s true that in winter and summer, Sanqiu always pays attention to the waves of spring inflammation, such as boiling snow waves and soup new.
Even his magical power is not small. If he hadn’t known it first, he wouldn’t have recognized that this spring was transformed by the sun and the sun.
Immediately read the formula and slammed into the ground.
Dial the earth and stone and suddenly feel very hot. It looks red, but it is also a fire. If it is scattered, the mountain will melt.
It’s the sun that keeps fire, and Wu Ming dare not approach it easily.
After nine days of shooting, the sun left the future generations with a real fire. Although this spring was melted by the sun, it cannot be called a real fire. It is a fake, but if King Kong is not in bad health, it will be difficult to get close.
According to Zhang Laohan, this is a recent event. Could it be that the younger siblings have it?
As when I went to the misty mountain, the mountains were revived. Are they destined here?
The monkey is born as if the mystery is looming everywhere in the world. Maybe one day the sun will come back to life.
Then he rejoiced and said, "You don’t need to live and work!"
Then he broke ground and turned to Huanghuaguan.
There is a faint fire left, which seems hidden but not hidden.
Since the Monkey King left Huaguo Mountain, relying on somersault clouds, he has traveled to the North Sea at dusk and met some characters to display martial arts, which is quite famous.
Today, Sun Wuzheng went to visit Niu Mowang in East China.
This Niu Mowang has also made a name for itself since it left the Huoyun Cave. I heard that a Monkey King came to visit this day, and even after meeting each other, I couldn’t help but be glad that he was a good player!
The monkey is also happy, and Niu Mowang is commensurate with his brothers.
Niu Mowang looked strange after he left.
"This fellow is actually a native of Huaguoshan. Why didn’t I hear it at first?"
Western whirling paradise
The Buddha is telling the public that King Kong has come to report.
"The lion, the beast and the bird, the Buddha, have slipped out of the palace gate from the pharmacist Buddha and gone somewhere."
Tathagata looks up and sees everything.
"Don’t worry about the fate of the second demon. Sit on the lotus stand and listen to my solution."
Lingshan is suddenly the Buddha’s voice, and the golden flowers are falling, and the golden lotus is sacred.
But there are two demons in the sky who are in no hurry.
Aren’t these two demons the former Guanyin Bodhisattva, the camel king and the demon king Peng?
"I finally escaped from this place. I’m tired of listening to these bald donkeys chanting all day!"
Peng demon king. "
The lion camel king also felt carefree, and a long whistle caused the mountains to shake and the beasts to fear.
"Brother, I’ve been waiting for this time, but thanks to those bald donkeys who never thought that they had achieved this achievement, demon fairy can now go to the Taoist priest for revenge and eat him alive to compensate for our suffering!"
Their Yuan God lingers on till now, and I don’t know how much suffering the demon immortal has suffered. Jin Xian Avenue hopes to swear again that they will be so humiliated by those bald donkeys in the future. They finally managed to escape, and the culprit is suspected to be the Taoist priest!
Lord Peng was cautious, saying, "I don’t know how many Taoist priests have done in the past hundreds of years. Let’s be careful and avoid him for the time being, and then come back to him for revenge when we find out more about him."
"It’s said that my lion camel ridge won’t come back, so he has to go and find the air leakage."
"Going to Dongsheng Shenzhou recently, I heard from bald donkeys that there seem to be several big demons with extraordinary potential and some forces."
Two magic immediately go by cloud.
Chapter 154 Bodhisattva suspicious nightmare show traces
Ten generations of Yan Gong in Senluodian sent the Tibetan King Bodhisattva away.
"How did Bodhisattva get here today?"
"Is it all we can guess about the bodhisattva? Let’s go back to our places!"
King Qin Guang drinks away all the kings.
Qianhuadong Pilan Po received a letter from an old friend.
"The Nightmare Great Sage knows that your name is the ends of the earth, and I will find you out!"
The Pleiadian official approached and asked, "Does mother know the origin of that evil animal?"
"I already know, but it’s the remnant of the Demon God Palace," she sneered.
Tell the history of the Pleiades, and the star officer suddenly remembered that the other day, nine days ago, Ying Yuan’s government fought a war. It seems that this nightmare Sage attacked Lei Jiang, and he applauded after knowing that it was the multi-eye fellow. Didn’t he think it would be retribution to himself?
"Mother is so hidden, heaven has been looking for him for months, but how can we take him now?"
"If you don’t care, go back to the Heavenly Palace first," said Grandma Pilan. "You can’t be absent for a long time."
Star officer nodded.
When he left, Mrs. Pilan grabbed him and told him, "My son is afraid of great changes recently, so be careful."
The Pleiadian star officer didn’t know it, but his mother wouldn’t have targeted it, so she remembered it before returning to the Heavenly Palace.
After he left, the blue woman got up her mind and drove Xiangyun to the north.
Wu Ming is practicing here, and this place has some benefits for him, so he comes to observe the changes of the spring water from time to time.
"This spring really seems to be alive!"


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