This doesn’t look like an autopilot control room toy showroom. It’s almost the same and it’s the same style! How much do you like this type!

Chufeng is a little strange looking at these toys.
She remembers that not long ago, Chu Xiaoxiao asked her to find someone to order a pair of robots of this style, a man and a woman, and the root of this female robot is Chu Xiaoxiao prototype system!
But why are there so many suddenly here?
Disappointed with the so-called automatic driving, the two men left the control room and they didn’t notice the silver light flashing in the robot’s eyes behind them.
When several people got on the boat, people came to report the acceptance.
"Ma Zong after preliminary testing the quality of this batch of goods is no problem! Iron content of 5% has reached the standard of rich ore! But the composition is a bit strange. It seems to be a sea mine. "
Hmm? Sea mine? Is it that the other party has discovered a large mineral deposit that is extremely easy to mine? Ma Zong has some doubts in his heart.
After the acceptance of the unloading workers went smoothly, Ma Zong immediately arranged for someone to ship 20,000 tons of steel purchased by Chu.
Ma Zong, who is both a supplier of cheap iron ore and a big customer of steel buyers, simply hates being an emperor.
But the Lord doesn’t think he can target the Chushi group, and the middleman is determined to safeguard Chushi.
The loading and unloading of such a large number of goods can not be completed in a short time. When the handover is completed, Chu Feng will leave.
Then it was not until the next afternoon that the last batch of steel was loaded that the personnel department withdrew the cargo ship. General Ma just wanted to inform Chufeng that the cargo ship actually closed its anchor and started slowly leaving the dock.
He looked at people silly cargo slowly away "eh! Is this autopilot intelligence a bit too much? "
Ri Yao Tuan
Both Han Jiafu were stunned when they received the latest news from Ghost Sea.
Although the ability of "ghost captain" has been overestimated as much as possible, even the warships and fighters all say that they are arrogant. This strength still shocked the two.
They have not cared about their own loss of another cargo ship, which will have an impact on the Riyao Group in the future.
"Judging from today’s incident, this’ ghost captain’ strange ability is far beyond our imagination, and it is too risky to act regardless of us!" Han xiangsheng frown way
"Dad, I don’t agree with you. The stronger he is, the greater the benefits we get after controlling him.
We are businessmen, and we can risk our lives with 3% profit, which is even worse now. "Han Yidao eyes pop up ambition.
He has been calm since he learned that ghost captain has comparable national fighting capacity.
Ri Yao Tuan can dominate the southeast provinces, but that’s all. They are still like ants in front of the real top forces!
Now there is such an opportunity to step into the sky. If he can give up.
This time, my father’s attitude towards this matter is the opposite, and he is younger and more radical. Han Yi insists on continuing to seek ghost captain and trying to find a way to control him.
However, Han Xiangsheng woke up from today’s events. If a national power can compete, can they covet a careless one and they will be shattered!
I’m afraid that because of ghost captain’s growing influence, his only "note" object, Ri Yao Tuan, has also entered the desks of some national intelligence departments, and even the florist government will certainly take action against Ri Yao.
Do you think you’re dying fast enough to do a little movement at this time?
This matter has exceeded his previous estimate of Riyao’s strength, and he can’t bear such a risk. That can be called overreaching!
Han Xiangsheng, after all, has rich experience and knows the truth of rushing to retreat, so he immediately makes a decision.
"Don’t say that I have made up my mind! It’s not that we can stop the ghost captain and Chu’s actions at once!
Then we’ll wait and see. There will be national forces to deal with ghost captain for us! What we need to do is wait quietly! "
Han Yi saw his father’s face firmly knowing that he could bow his head more, but in the depths of his eyes, he flashed a burning desire …
Chapter 12 Hidden attributes
Secret base
In front of Nie Yun stood a magnificent sword, which was the latest individual weapon that he deduced after spending a whole day.
The sword is one meter long, and the four-body silver-white style is somewhat similar to the western cross sword, with a wide armguard.
The body of the sword is about three fingers wide, medium thick and thin with sharp tip and blade surface at both ends, and it is also engraved with fine and complicated lines.
The blade is as smooth as a silver mirror, reflecting Nie Yun’s figure.
The whole sword is made of mechanical insect materials, and the tip of the blade designed by Yun Nie is almost thin.
He picked up a long sword and looked at the sun. The blade was not wide and rippled in a circle. It shone like a diamond blade!
This blade alone is far beyond the most precise scale that can be machined in the world at present, and its toughness is equally extraordinary.
Such a sword is a magic weapon in common sense, and even an ordinary person can directly cut a tank with it.
After Nie Yun’s experiment, there is nothing that it can’t cut effectively, which is comparable to the middle and high frequency oscillating blade!
However, it took Nie Yun a lot of calculation to push out this long sword. Naturally, it is not so simple. Its sharpest attack means is not indestructible and sharp, but a small magnetic weapon embedded in the center of the blade!
Yes, this sword is still a strange-looking magnetic rifle!
A transparent crystal bead the size of a glass bead is embedded in the center of its armguard. A small flame is burning in the center, and it is very strange to glow with soft stars!
This is a miniature nuclear fusion pool designed by Yun Nie with both aesthetic and practical considerations.
The long blade is actually a magnetic rifle, and the grain of the magnetic accelerator is a miniature magnetic coil.
The whole sword looks like a magic prop, but it is actually the crystallization of human science and technology!
When Yun Nie appreciated his Jay, he finished returning to the base. The two brothers came to report with smiles on their faces.
"Boss, we’re done! This is simply too exciting! " The third tone is still a little excited.
With two men and two silver shuttles, they defeated the state-level armed forces at the forefront of the world, which made them really excited.
"Well you do not bad! The actual combat capability of stealth armor has also been tested, and I am still satisfied! " Yun Nie laughed.
"Boss, what’s in your hand?" Third, I saw what Nie Yun had in his hand. When he first saw this gorgeous sword, he was completely attracted.
"This is my newly designed individual attack weapon."
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