"This is a place that I found by accident. I think it’s beautiful and sometimes I come here." Hyun casually replied.

I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill my childhood agreement, but I’ve found it now. I like girls. I’m sorry. This place is where we met. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. You should forgive me and wish me and Bing to bring you here. You won’t blame me for bringing ice here.
"Oh," I also casually replied, "It’s a different feeling to be here again now. Now I’m already very happy, Xiao Leng. Have you got your happiness? I hope I can meet you that day. I will introduce my ex-boyfriend to you. He is very kind to me.
I looked at the dazzling smile and reacted from meditation.
Hyun walked into me and said, "It’s almost time to go. I’ll show you a better view."
"What is it?"
"Just follow me." Hyun took my hand and walked forward.
I looked back at the seaside while being led by him and was reluctant to leave.
I followed Hyun’s footsteps and watched Hyun holding my hand.
Finally, we came to the front of a villa, which was beautiful, simple and beautiful outside.
I just stare at this place and don’t remember a villa here. I didn’t return to China six years ago, and I didn’t seem to pay much attention to it.
Hyun pushed the villa door and said to me, "Welcome back, Miss Beautiful Ice."
I was surprised to look at the smiling face and say, "Here?"
"I’ve bought this place. How about it’s not bad? Come on in and show you something else."
I nodded and looked around the decoration as I followed Hyun.
When I got to the top floor, I was just about to knock on the door and dazzle stopped me.
"Ice, wait for me to cover your eyes first. You follow me and I’ll let you go." I agreed.
I followed his footsteps step by step and came to a railing.
Say mysteriously, "Now I’ll count to three, two, one and let go of my hand. You can open your eyes."
I don’t know what poison to buy in the dazzling gourd, but I nodded my head.
"Now in three, two, one"
I felt hyun slowly release his hand, so I slowly opened my eyes.
I cried "wow" when I saw the scene in front of me.
It’s so beautiful here, and it makes me so moved. I was shocked from face to face
There is a small garden covered with lavender and decorated with cherry blossoms. It is more thoughtful that lavender and cherry blossom petals in the garden merge with each other to form a heart with the words "Hyun ap" written next to it. ice
Looking at this situation, my heart smiled and I looked at it with greed.
Hyun came over and hugged me and said, "How come my little devil princess is not moved?"
I nodded my head and tears flowed unconsciously.
Hyun gently wiped away my tears and said, "I cried like this, and then you are so touched." Hyun pointed to the distant sky.
I saw one thing: the setting sun was so dazzling that it was like this when it didn’t. The blue sea lit up the whole day and the garden.
I was still looking at the face, and suddenly I saw the face because of the sunset. A letter appeared in the heart-shaped peach, which means "frever" forever.
I turned around and smiled and said to Hyun, "Hyun I love you."
"I love you too, forever."
At this time, the sunset shone on us and looked at me. Suddenly, he leaned over and kissed my lips. I also responded that his heart was filled with happiness and love, which warmed our hearts.
Looking at grandma’s smiling face every day, I said to myself, grandma, I am really happy.
Chapter 11 Persuasion
Chapter 11


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