Mo Lin felt that his nose was sour and he couldn’t help but want to cry. Jian Mang came to Mo Lin halfway and leaned forward to retreat his eyes like a valve. Tears could not control his face.

"What’s this weird thing …" Molin root couldn’t control the lacrimal gland, and his skin kept oozing sweat. When the cold wind blew, he was suddenly cold all over. If it wasn’t for Molin’s demon power to protect himself, he was afraid that he had already covered himself with a thin layer of ice.
"Molin, his weakness is his tail!" Just when Mo Lin couldn’t stop crying, Xiao Zhou sounded in the tent behind him.
"Tail?" Ink Lin pegged to Pejrud’s tail and didn’t feel anything unusual, but since Xiao Zhou said so, I think it can’t be wrong
After Pejrud repelled Molin, he stopped and his body was still flat and a drum seemed to send out that strange wind that made people cry.
Mo Lin felt that the whole body was losing water rapidly until he knew that he had been poisoned by Pejrud. If he hadn’t been able to control the subtle veins, he would have forced the water back to his body as much as possible, fearing that it had collapsed due to dehydration.
"Come on!" Ink Lin know can’t delay to see Perud sample estimates that there are more severe poison, his body quickly flashing on the ground to leave a few virtual shadow doubt Pejrud eyes.
Pejrud’s tongue is swinging back and forth. Mo Lin is too fast. He really can’t keep up.
"Whoosh …" Mo Lin’s figure was like coming to the front of Perud, and the sword mans flashed into his eyes.
Pejrud suddenly turned his head to avoid the sword mans, and Molin leaped over Pejrud’s body in an instant, and he flashed out the spicule arrow and threw it at his tail.
Chapter 184 Roasted Thunderbird
Chapter 184 Roasted Thunderbird
Pejrud some panic tail shrink want to hide in the body can ink Lin how can you miss this opportunity compensated fire spit sword mans surge cleanly to cut off Pejrud tail.
"Peng" a purulent blood exploded from the broken tail. Pejrud whined and a huge body fell down. The snow rolled up and shook the earth.
After struggling for a long time, Perud’s body was full of green stench and pus, and he finally stopped moving. Molin kept in front of the tent for fear that he would fight back before he died. When he finally stopped moving, he was relieved.
Linghu Zi poked her head out and said, "It stinks …"
Xiao Zhou walked out with a blank face and stared at Pejrud’s body suddenly. "It’s very kind of you to be able to kill Pejrud …"
"You are not so insecure about us, are you?" Ink Lin laughed and he patted Chou on the shoulder. If he hadn’t woken up to deal with Pejrud, it was really tricky.
"Pejrud is one of the four magic beasts of the dagger hand." Xiao Zhou said.
"Who is the dagger?" Mo Lin asked blankly
"It’s the first magic beast general of Bailong Hui and the commander of the ice castle. It’s very powerful."
"It’s no big deal, is it still Mo Lin’s brother?" Yue Yao also ran out. Mo Lin defeated the magic beast, and she was more heart-felt than her victory.
"But Pejrud and Tarascus have always appeared together. Why haven’t you seen Tarascus?" Xiao Zhou wondered
He didn’t say it was okay. When Molin heard it, he immediately thought of Xiaobai. He ran to find trouble with the magic beast, but he didn’t even make a sound. I don’t know what happened.
"What’s that Tarascus capable of?" Ink Lin quickly asked
"There is a poisonous gas in that guy’s breath that can make people hallucinate. He once fought against our army of two thousand sailors …" Chou recalled.
Mo Lin shot into the snow before he finished.
Xiao Zhou shouted behind him in a hurry, "You should be careful of his feces …"
Mo Lin can’t hear him anymore. He’s so fast, his figure is shining in the snow, and he soon melts into the snow.
Put your mind in the calmest and most powerful place, and leave some footprints in the snow to find the trace of Xiaobai.


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