How can I not understand what the swallow said? Chapter 44 Chapter 44 Yufei A

Lin Yu, who is coming to Yanxi Palace these two days, can’t help but want to vomit. These two women are like chopsticks that have not eaten for hundreds of years. It’s really bones. If it weren’t for the maid-in-waiting next to them and trying to stop Lin Yu, I believe that two people would be tempted to directly take the plate and pour it into their mouths.
There are a lot of delicacies in this palace, but you said that Feiyan has been in the palace for several years, and every dish has been eaten dozens of times less. Even if she changes the menu every day, after all, it is limited. According to her habit of eating meat three times a day, how can she never get tired of it? Look at her figure. This is the punishment for limiting her eating.
Glancing at the table, another Lin Yujiao feels very painful.
This is Fei Yan’s bad taste. I don’t mean to look at her face. Every time the cloud definitely comes, she will seduce each other with food. She is called inviting each other to fly with her in free food. There is nothing to say about her medical accomplishments, but the only drawback is that she likes food too much. No, I don’t mean to like food. That’s a compliment. If she eats cloud definitely, she wants to try her mouth. It is said that those Wei Zi plants in the small garden of the Queen’s Palace suddenly have bare green leaves and flowers, and I don’t know that everything has disappeared. And the little maid-in-
Alas, Fei Xian didn’t just fly into the stomachs of two foodies. Don’t ask her how she knew that she really didn’t want to recall the picture of two people forcing her to eat that lump of food.
Since then, the taste buds have been out of control, no matter whether it is poisonous or not, they all want to put it in their mouths and taste it. At that time, they also asked a stupid question, what if they accidentally ate something poisonous? Qin Feiyan told herself with a straight face that there was no cloud, and then detoxification was not enough.
"I said, let’s discuss whether you can take off your mask first every time you eat. Every time I see my face, I have a feeling that I don’t know which one is true."
"I can’t. Sister Feiyan promised me to eat whatever I want in her palace with this face. I can also pack it."
Pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack, pack
"In this way, my sister has a lot of good things, and you can eat any food in my palace."
Lin Yu’s killer is not afraid that the other party can resist the temptation of food.
"Yun definitely went to Yuchen Palace to see the emperor. Are there many opportunities? Do you really dare to go?"
Qin Feiyan took the handkerchief handed by the maid-in-waiting and gently wiped her mouth. Well, eat well.
"I think people should learn to be satisfied with Sister Feiyan. The food here is enough. I don’t want any more. Sorry, Sister Yufei."
Don’t, she can’t see that when it came to food just now, those star eyes were definitely decided, but Qin Feiyan let the other party back down with a word.
"Yun Jue Shi Jun Chen is not so terrible. Besides, it’s strange that you can’t eat so much food there. How about helping your sister?"
"I can’t eat every time when you come. It’s a shame to bring waves. You don’t know that every grain of rice and every piece of meat is hard-earned by ordinary people …"
"Ah, ah, ah, shut up, Qin Feiyan. Don’t mumble at me with your expression on your face. I’m afraid I can’t help but shoot you to death."
Qin Feiyan is worthy of the Qin empire. It’s a great truth. If you stop each other from time to time, she can talk for hours at a time. Since she learned it once, Lin Yu will never give each other a long speech again.
"It’s not because you scare her that Yun never dares to go."
"This and I didn’t let your emperor be too narrow-minded at that time, didn’t he just accidentally put a face on your face? Is it worthwhile to dispose of the cloud? If I hadn’t saved the cloud from the sky at that time, there would be one person tall in the grave grass. "
Cloud definitely listen and nod is very agree with what Qin Feiyan said.
This point Lin Yu really can’t deny who let the queen want to find body double so unfortunately found the cloud?
It’s true that the queen said that Yun definitely has superior medical skills. Lin Yu has seen Yun definitely, and she has also let Yun definitely learn from the doctor in the hospital. Even the capital of the hospital, Gamba Fengyun, never knows who his parents are. This is also good.
Yun definitely told them that she was picked up by the master and there was nothing special. Her master said that if she hadn’t happened to pass by and picked her up at that time, Yun definitely would have been taken away by wolves.
The only difference is that Yun Jue’s face is fake. At that time, she was driven out by Master and said that she wanted to experience life and exercise her medical skills by the way. Yun Jue’s medical skills were high and she soon became famous, but she could come out to experience life without money. Most of the people who Yun Jue saved were poor people, not to mention receiving medical fees. Sometimes she even needed to buy medicinal materials from her own pocket and add her delicious features, and soon she was penniless.
When I was trying to raise money, I suddenly heard a group of people holding portraits as if looking for someone. Curiosity drove Yun Jue to be fascinated by drugs. Those people made portraits and looked at them.
Looking at it, Yun definitely thought of a good way to look at that group of people without spending money. They don’t wait for idle people to dress up. At least they have to have a few dollars, and the other person doesn’t look like seeking revenge. If Yi Cheng is the girl in the portrait, maybe she can depend on them to eat and drink.
Later, I heard that the other party wanted Yunjue to enter the palace, and Yunjue simply agreed. At that time, I thought it was the palace, which must be the most delicious place, and I was so eager to eat Yunjue that I was sent to the palace.
After that, the queen vigorously promoted the cloud and led the emperor to discover the cloud. However, the queen’s wishful thinking was crooked. The emperor liked Lin Xin Yao not only because her face was faked, but he would never let people swindle with Lin Xin Yao’s face and prepare to kill her.
It was handed over to Ling Yue for execution. When Ling Yue took people to a secluded place to prepare for the pain killer, Mei Fei fell directly from the sky. Ling Yue’s skill and Mei Fei wanted to hurt each other. There was no chance for Ling Yue’s long legs to lift Mei Fei, which weighed more than 200 kilograms, and she floated lightly. Chapter 45 The harem really wouldn’t talk.
Shake the mountains and shake the dust with a bang.
After Ling Yue stepped out, she found something was wrong. There was a man in the harem who could cover such a wide area.
Do you want to save people? Ling Yue said that men and women are not close to each other. Ling Yue knows that it is impossible to kick each other and wait for each other to get up. It has been a quarter of an hour, and the other party has been as motionless as a corpse, making Ling Yue almost doubt his skill. It won’t be kicking to death. He can’t afford to murder the imperial concubine. Otherwise, he can simply destroy the body and March to each other.
Maybe it’s enough rest, and the other person actually crawls slowly. It’s true crawling. Ling Yue looks at it, which is thicker than his thigh. His left arm is slightly lifted, and then he is replaced by his right arm. After the limbs move in turn, the other person slowly turns over and then stands up. It’s because it’s inconvenient to put it to good use just now.
But many normal people should get up with their eyes open first?
Lingyue mask cold expression appeared a crack straight crack into slag.
"Empress awake? If you wake up, please ask the empress to leave the imperial life and you will be disrespectful to send the empress. "
"The emperor asked you to kill me?"
Qin Feiyan sat up slowly and stared at Ling Yue coldly.


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